Good Morning All. Woke to snow here in AZ

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Nadja, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Yup, woke up to a rude awakening this morning. About 9" of snow on the ground and still coming down. That means that my solar panels will not be soloring today and most likely not for a few days or so. Also means , I am going to have to don the snow boots, trudge through the cold white stuff to my gennie shack and fire one of them up for power.

    This is something that happens every now and then and is something that you people should take into consideration when planing to go off grid. Snow happens !
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    Must be up near Fallbrook...
    I've seen it snow 4 feet in one day up there...

    Yup most people dont think of AZ and snow but it happens
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    Good Morning All. Woke to snow here in AZ Read more: http:/

    There goes my plan for moving the rest of my stuff from my uncle house here this weekend .I had planed for a monday morning drive when i'm got off work to get up there with the car packed full of my stuff and a quick trip into town for supplies before moving up there full time .

    So i'm guessing i'm going to have to take the car in monday morning before leaving the valley to make sure the car is ready for the winter time weather up there .

    They are saying that the snow shower's will last most of the day and rest of the night with the temp down into the low 16 tonight and monday it goes to be in the low 18.temp frame

    The wind is at 6.mph with gust of wind's of 9 mph .So the wind turbine should be kicking over and producing some power not very much but some
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