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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jul 3, 2009.

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    I took the day off today so my grandson and I could get in some fishing time. We were trying a new spot with a small lake and also a river. It was a good 45 minute hike in with no other humans in site. As we approached the lake, I heard a big splash and knew we were in for a good time. Since it's been so cold, I was hoping for some trout but not today. However, within 20 seconds of dropping a line into the lake, I got my first hit, about the same time my grandson did. We must have caught at least 20 in the lake, mostly bluegills and a couple smallmouth bass. My grandson did get a beautiful 13"-14" pickerel. That was a fun one. After that, we moved on to the river but no luck there at all. We've been having torrential rains lately and the river was running hard and fast, lots of white water. I wished we had a raft with us.

    We came out just in time because the thunder and lightning started as we got back to the truck.

    A great morning.
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    Your stories always make me smile, RH!

    Congratulations on your catch!
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