Good News / Bad News on MH Shipping & Product Backorders

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    First, the good news: All of our order shipments have been departing the MH docks within 2-5 business days this month so far (their normal processing time). So they are working overtime to get things out the door promptly.

    The bad news: We just got word that several varieties are out of stock as of yesterday. Three varieties listed as out of stock (expected to be ready to ship again in October): New Orleans Rice & Shrimp, Sweet & Sour Pork, and Pilot Crackers. At this point we are still taking orders for those products ... they will be added to the queue for fulfillment when they are available. Any orders that have been submitted already and not been fulfilled and shipped out will be at the head of the line when the foods are again ready to ship.

    Note: I have warned that this would be happening. The thing is, I expect this news to further stimulate the buying surge and in turn cause more foods to go out of stock. I've seen this happen several times thru the years ... extending even to other food brands in short order.

    Last warning--get your orders in now. I believe we'll be seeing long waits for orders to be fulfilled if you delay your storage food purchases much longer.

    See today's entire member email:
    Good News / Bad News on Mountain House Shipping - Safecastle LLC
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    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

  3. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

    The Week 10 Peanut Butter case freebie expires Friday at noon.
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