Good on-line sites for medical gear?

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by BuckBall, Nov 9, 2007.

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    This is my first post and having used the search link, I was unable to find what I seek. Does anyone have some good links for purchasing medical gear like Israeli bandages, kerlex and burn dressings? Having been screwed a few times in the past, I no longer go to sites of my own free will. Prefer sites that have been used by others.
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    Jonas --
    Great links! Thanks for sharing them.

    BuckBall --
    My experiences on-line have been dismal also. Everything medical seems to have some sort of rip-off angle. My wife has an aunt that works in a hospital supply area; if I ever get around to formulating questions for her maybe I can learn something.
  4. BuckBall

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    Thank you Jonas for those links...much appreciated. Around my neck of the woods I cannot find the good medical gear outside of simple finger bandages and wrist wraps. When I do find what I seek, I get nailed with having to be a member and pay so much a month for that membership before I can order. But why do that if I am just going to order one time from that particular site?...I have medical training, but hardly any supplies and with the money situation today, I believe everyone (company) is a crook out to make a fast buck.
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