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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by GrandpaDave, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Seeing as how I'm Apache and I have this love of Native food... Esp "Fry Bread"... I thought to sare with you all a great little web site for Native American foods... after all no one does back to basic cooking as good as we red skins do... besides where else ya gonna learn to cook up a pot of Tukya (Hopi Baked Prairie Dog)... or roasted Beaver Tails???...

    ya gotta try the Squash Blossom Stew [bow] now that is good eatting

    Native American Recipes
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    Great stuff! Thanks!
  3. Seawolf1090

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    A lot of those do sound good! Hope I can find the ingredients here on the East Coast/Gulf Coast.

    Of course, the early Native Americans down here ate a lot of shellfish, fish and gator.
  4. GrandpaDave

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    I fudge the recipes a little... like maybe I use sunflower oil rather then lard...
    but they are a good starting place... and we all fudge a little right?
  5. Sapper John

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    GD,Looks good,I suppose I'm gonna have to try some of these...they're all low cal,right? j/k
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