Good solar month !

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by TnAndy, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Meters got read the other day......we used a total of 899kw/hrs for the month, buying 224 and producing 675......75% of our total use.

    The way they pay for solar infeed, that will result in about a 49 buck credit for the month, adding to the credits of the previous months, I'm gonna estimate about a 350 buck end of the year check.....nearly offsetting our propane bill.
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    Mr TnAndy

    I like the Governments math your using.
    Your Grid-Tied investment + deprecation of the system and all the rest .
    And you get your Propane bill paid for !!

    Just kidding Sir , I know the investments it takes.. plus all the bonus it may bring.
    Any storage system also incorporated ?

    I have a few PV's systems , but GT is not in the cards in a HYDRO province , Or In the southern WA pad.

    My PV's are Mountain huts for storm survival and a few on the ranch.

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    Yes, it's grid tied with battery backup in case the grid goes down. 1200amp/hr @ 24v battery.
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