Good Will thrift shop second hand clothing could be demon possessed!

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by chelloveck, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Good Will thrift shop second hand clothing could be demon possessed! least Pat Robertson seems to think that some of it might be!:eek:

    Pat Robertson: Goodwill Sweaters Could Have Demons, No Harm In Praying Over Them (VIDEO)

    But never fear....Katy Wolk-Stanley from the HuffPost has a very helpful tutorial on exorcising your thrift shop sweater or skirt.

    Katy Wolk-Stanley: How to Remove Demonic Spirits From Your Thrift Store Clothing -- A Tutorial

    The Naked Pastor has a nice wry take on Pat Robertson's concerns about demon possessed second hand clothing.

    Why stop at second hand clothing??? What about those brand new Nikes made by some animist, pagan, voodoo sweat labour third world factory just never know whether those cross trainers may have been cursed by a shamen machinist wearing a chicken bone through their nose.
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    You have got to be kidding me, RIGHT?
  3. CATO

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    I would think you'd need clothing that would hold an electrical charge for possession if you go with the assumption that a "spirit" is electrical energy.
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    I wonder if a Tin Foil Hat, would be in order for Old Pat...... I mean he claims he "Turned a Hurricane, away from the coast" a few years back.....
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    "Old Pat" has needed a keeper for some time. If there is still someone who can listen to his lunatic nonsense and nod along in agreement, I don't care to converse with them; because the lights may be on, but nobody's home.
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  6. DMGoddess

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    "Old Pat" needs his cards checked. I think he's only got 13 left ...
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