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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Hey thanks for posting that. I was looking for that exact thing!
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    Interesting. That's quite a spike, off the charts in most humid and cold areas.
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    You should see the commercials over here on TV 24/7. Get your flu shots for free! Hooray! On the Today Show (which used to be news) they had all of the cast members get flu shots live on the air. It reminds me of when they had the mad cow disease going around France and the prime minister had his 7 year old daughter eat a McD hamburger live on TV. "look, I'm leading my loved ones up to the altar like a sacrificial lamb so you should do it too!" WTF is wrong with peoples brains? They buy this stuff?
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    I guess so. I haven't watched television since around 2001. Even if there's nothing wrong with the flu shots and everything is legit, it's meant to condition people. Just imagine being able to hold the POWER to selectively kill as many as will take poison in the form of an inoculation --to be used whenever it's necessary. "Oops! must have been a bad batch, sorry."

    But, let's look at this as if it were completely harmless. Let's say this is nothing more than a way to further divide the people. Now we have those who will line up for a vaccine when their television tells them, and those who scoff and realize some of their friends and family have gone over to "the dark side". Just try having a debate with a person who has been injected with poison, telling them they have been poisoned. How do you think they would respond? Once again, if this ever comes to a violent match between citizenry vs. government, one of the two have already been seriously crippled. Now we would have one group of people, the "obedient" type of personality, and another called the "dissenters" who question everything, even if it means becoming sick for a few days. It's strange how those who receive the flu shots are often times the ones who get sick...

    Who can the people trust? Big Brother? The corporations? Each other?
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    The strange thing is that I started taking 500mg vit C every day and thirty days into it I stopped getting sick and haven't been since. What an amazing coincidence... I guess they must have poultry antibodies to irrelevant flu strains in them because they sure do work. <grumble, sarcasm> Yeah I'm on a tear tonight. Its after midnight and I'm tired as all hell but for some reason I am angry at the world.
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