Google Making Contact Lenses

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    Tiny chip, sensor can monitor diabetics' glucose level in tears

    (Newser) – After an acquisition that brings it deep into people's homes, Google is getting up close and personal with people's bodies. The latest project from the firm's secretive Google X facility is a "smart" contact lens that monitors the glucose levels of diabetics with a tiny wireless chip and sensor, reports PC World. It notes that the move into the rapidly expanding field of wearable medical technology brings Google even further away from its online software roots.
    "We've always said that we’d seek out projects that seem a bit speculative or strange, and at a time when the International Diabetes Federation is declaring that the world is 'losing the battle' against diabetes, we thought this project was worth a shot," Google said in a blog post. The company says a lot more work needs to be done before the lens can reach consumers, but it is already looking for partners who can help bring it to market, reports the BBC.

    Google Making Contact Lenses - Tiny chip, sensor can monitor diabetics' glucose level in tears
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    I'm sorry, I think it's about time I did a "googlectomy". Just disabled (and it will "delete"...supposedly in 14 days) my personal fb page. Looks like google needs to be next on the list.

    After that I'm going full Linux and just deal with the fact that I can't run iTunes.

    This crap is getting out of hand.
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    I'm going to drop my iphone for something running Ubuntu Touch in 4-6 months. itunes is a pain in the azz anyway.
    There are more and more reasons to choose open source than ever these days.
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    OK, here's the problem I see.
    What does it talk to? A cell phone app? Heart monitors now do that. Apps for runners as well, apps that track movement in real time, apps for many purposes. Google glass, tracking software for searches, and instant access Internet.
    WHAT IF?
    A hacking program written by an Alphabet agency, were to link apps and report to them?
    Position software, and GPS put you at the scene, googleglass took pics without your knowledge, eye, tracks what you see, heart rate and skin sensors (used to track electralites, I think)and heat. Hanges , report galvantic response (used in lie detecting) smart phone, calculates where, what you saw, recorded, emotional response by skin, heart and eye, and reports directly to a hidden agency. All without alerting you.
    What happens to the fifth amendment? Why even ask you questions? When your devices have already ratted you out? What about false or implanted evidense?
    Why hasn't apply open source app been written, to gaurentee, your phone is "loyal" only to you?
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    Usually these type devices use Bluetooth for Comms.... This is what the 2.4 Ghz ISM Band was originally designed for, besides Microwave Ovens. Unfortunately WiFi, Portable (edit to break the link to ebay - ghrit) Microphones, and Cellphones have polluted this band to the point it is getting rather cluttered, for Medical Devices. They may have bumped it up to the 5 Ghz ISM Band, due to this congestion, and it doesn't interact with water, as much as the 2.4 Ghz band did. It also would make the antenna half as large, which is another good reason to use the 5 Ghz ISM Band...
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