Google Offering $1 Million to Anyone that Expose Chrome’s Fl

Discussion in 'Technical' started by maleaco, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Google Offering $1 Million to Anyone that Expose Chrome’s Flaws | HackCollege

    Now let the pricetag motivate you, not detour you [​IMG]
  2. Sounds nice... I would kind of see it in a different light though.. How about an easier way to find hackers and lock em up. This just sounds to easy :/

    This says go ahead break the law we will even give you money for doing it....
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    These contests are generally aimed at attracting the white hat hacker and maybe some grey hats.
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    I see recreational hackers,that hack sites for the challenge a very good thing.
    They encourage developers,and programmers to make their hard/software more secure from those with malicious intent.
    Without the challenge,there would never be any encouragment to make the tech better.
    This helps everyone else keep their info in cyberspace secure.They also expose stuff that the Govt shouldnt be allowed to keep hidden from the people(wikileaks).
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  5. I fully understand but its still like giving the green light to break the law which isn't teaching the young people good morals.
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    The software is open source (fork of Chromium) which means that anyone can open the files that make up the software in a text editor. It's also what is encouraged by any community developed software so that 1000s of sets of eyes get to scrutinize the code for possible exploit points.

    A contest to 'hack' the DOJ website would be criminal. A contest to find security holes in open source software is not.

    In this case, it's likely just a PR stunt by Google and a way to say, see how secure we are? Or, a way to actually improve the code if an exploit is found.

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