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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by chelloveck, Jan 22, 2013.

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    If you have a tractor, or farm machinery that is operated off a tractor....this site has a mine of information. - Compact Tractor Forum
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  2. tacmotusn

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    Yup. Got them on favorites (a bookmark). Also got a small Kubota diesel tractor with pto and live hydraulics.
    also bush hog mower, and disc cultivater
  3. Harbin

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    We are on the look out for an early 70s Ford 5000, went and checked one out about a month ago. I've been to that site many times, its a wealth of info.
  4. KAS

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    dont know about your area but them fords are on CL all the time in Louisiana,....
  5. jasonl6

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    We just picked up a 5000 last summer. Replaced the starter fenders seat and a few other mics items. Runs great. 5000 is in the back.
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  6. Harbin

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    I've looked at newer tractors and checked out the neighbor's kubota, but for the 30k he spent on it and the time i used it, i really wasn't impressed. Seems like I'll get a bit more bang for my buck with the older machine and i really prefer something i can actually work on. I'll have to start looking further away, I'm happy to trailer it back and who doesn't love a road trip.
  7. Airtime

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    I picked up 20 year old 23 hp diesel compact John Deere a couple years ago. Manual gear box instead of the hydrostatic but it is much more efficient and I can repair it if needed. I like it a lot and it has been very handy on the homestead. Came with a front bucket, little backhoe (I've ended up using that a bunch and far more than I ever would have guessed) belly mower, bush hog, subsoiler point and grader box. I found a deal for 8500 bucks on CL. I've since picked up a tiller, forklift tines that clamp on bucket, 3 point hitch boom, grader blade and some misc. The only time I run out of power is with the bushhog mower. I do run out of lift or tractor weight with the front bucket sometimes too. I just got some pressure regulator shims to up the hydraulic system pressure a bit to help this.

    I suggest 30+ hp might be a bit better choice for a compact tractor and 33-35 if It has a hydrostatic tranny (they are a little less efficient but very handy) if you can find that. 30 will have 26-27 hp at the pto out which matches the 3 point hitch generator sets very nicely and it will handle a bush hog or tiller better. I can manage fine with 23 hp but I just have to go slow.

    One should have a good stock of seals, o-rings, hoses, fuel line, belts, relays, connectors, etc. Be sure to get a service manual with good wiring diagrams. It is common for tractor wiring to have problems. I can't count the number of times I have fixed wiring on my two brother-in-law's farm equipment and on mine.

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