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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by CATO, Jun 20, 2015.

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    I think that when it comes time to barter, I may have a dozen of eggs but don't need your loom of wool (or whatever you call it), so you need an intermediary object to exchange... I think all american coins will be used as an intermediary for exchange, not just 90% silver, although I think just to make things simple a 1964 quarter will be worth 10X of a 1990 clad copper quarter.

    I think paper money will be used as TP.

    What would you use as an intermediary in a barter trading situation after there is no more fiat money?
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    Oh, and the XYL is not proper barter, unless you get a lot in exchange for her.
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  4. techsar

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    Copper, silver and gold.
    Having some paper money stashed may help in the early hours of a systemic problem where banks and other financial institutes may limit withdrawls, but pm's are more likely to maintain their value.
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    We have to keep a little coin/paper stashed down here since the atms/banks won't run on hot air.
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    Barter goods Gold & Silver.

    A picture from the article could be people in the future being told their cash is worth half of what was the day before and you are limited on how much you can withdraw per day and by the way the President has reserved time at 7:00 pm tonight to address the nation.
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    Wonder if POTUS is going to lie again and say... these mass murders don't happen in other countries. Really? He obviously doesn't use the Internet
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    I prefer to have cash in hand. Of course in a SHTF scenario, currency and gold/silver will most likely be worthless because their 'value' is based on sources that will probably not be there anymore. Bartering goods/services will be more worthwhile.
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    of course past performance does not guarantee future results, and we must always remember that and diversify... BUT
    History tells us that gold and silver value is objective, their value is intrinsic, not "based" on anything. The further from your sources, the MORE valuable gold and silver become. People will not just "know" what it's worth, but they will recognize that it IS worth something, and those of us who do know will show them how to figure it.
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