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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Bandit99, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Bandit99

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    So, I finally got my finger out, as started studying 1 January. I studied hard for the past two weeks and took the Extra Exam this evening and passed it. I missed 5 (90%). It sort of ticked me as thought I would do better cause I put a lot into it but that question pool is I'll take the passing grade and smile. :)

    I am not sure if I will even get a radio but, if I do, it will be probably be that iCom 7100 or 7300.

    Anyway, this is something I always wanted to do and couldn't because I was overseas all those years, so hit a milestone today.
  2. techsar

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    Don't forget the IC-9100 if you want a shack in a box ;)
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  3. Salted Weapon

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    What lic is that ?
  4. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Congrats!!! Let @BTPost know your call, he's keeping a list of monkey hams if you want to. Or put it out here if you aren't too concerned with OPSEC. Let us know what rig you wind up with. You will find that a good antenna will make any rig perform better..
  5. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Ham radio operator ticket.
  6. Salted Weapon

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    Awww ok, been awhile since I looked into this myself.
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  7. ghrit

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    And you are waiting for ==== ;)
  8. Salted Weapon

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    The proverbial invitation:rolleyes:.
    I have two radios that I can't operate " legally so been meaning to get it done I have the book, and there is test place local.
    So probably me just being slow on the go with it. Just seeing this post made me go, oh yea..
  9. Bandit99

    Bandit99 Monkey+++ Site Supporter+

    @techsar "Don't forget the IC-9100 if you want a shack in a box"
    Holy smokes! That sucker is $3000 bucks! Not sure I can jump in that deep yet...LOL!

    EDIT: Okay, found it for $2200 at DX Engineering...but that's still a pretty deep pool to jump into...

    @ghrit "Let @BTPost know your call"
    Will do. I will do it now...

    'You will find that a good antenna..."
    Yes, and if I decide to buy then expect me to be pestering everyone come this Spring as want to get the antenna up before I buy a radio.
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  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Buy the radio, it'll give you incentive to get going with a wire. At least you can listen by throwing some bell wire out the window until motivation takes over.
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  11. Bandit99

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    The books are too slow...unless, of course, you got the time, nice to have as reference though... Here are the two websites that I have used and they truly are all you need for all licenses. Free too!

    Callsign Database by QRZ Ham Radio then look under 'Resources'
    I like QRZ practice exams because for some reason I found them more difficult, maybe they mix the questions up better...don't know. I use practice exams from both sites but this one always found something I didn't know... Cutting edge amateur radio study tools
    This site is amazing as it has got Flash Cards, Practice Exams or you can simple Read Questions (with answers)
    But, why it is so amazing is that the Flash Cards and the Read Questions have an explanation for why this is the correct answer in 'plain' language - not some Professor trying to impress, not some Technical Writer that doesn't understand what they're writing but language used by down to earth Engineers/Techs/Hams so it really helps retention to not only learn the answer but to understand it also...
  12. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grampa Monkey

    Congrats @Bandit99 good coms is an awesome asset to have in your Bag-O-Tricks!
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  13. sdr

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    Congratulations Bandit! Hope you get a radio.
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  14. Tempstar

    Tempstar Pray for BT

    Congrats and welcome to the Extra club! Don't overlook the FT-991a!
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  15. Bandit99

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    Yes, I have it on my list. So far I have:
    IC-9100 (~$2200)
    IC-7300 (~$1000-$1200) need to compare this with the 7100, it does direct sampling which is a big plus but pretty limited (0.030-74.800Mhz)
    IC-7100 (~$1000)
    Yaseu FT-991A (~$1200)
    Yaesu 857D (~$800)

    But, I haven't dug into these yet and of course need power supply and possibly an antenna tuner depending on which radio I get so still a lot of researching to do. I am very interested in SDR as read some of the first White Papers on them years ago (maybe 20+) and sort of been following the technology ever since but we'll see...not sure if I want/need a car rig or not which is another question but I think my main interest is in long-haul communications...
  16. BTPost

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    Check out the Used Radio Forum on, for fair Deals on used Radio Equipment... Saw a Kenwood TS-50 HF Rig for $300US the other day... Nothing wrong with a used rig from a fellow Ham that upgraded to one of the Fancy Radios... or even eBay has some reasonable deals on Used Radios, if you just watch...
    I will be dumping the TS-B2000 I bought, soon, for $500US, but it is NOT for a beginner, especially with only PC Control, cause I am Keeping the RC-2000 Remote Control Head for my TS-2000x Project....
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  17. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    -Regardless of radio, get a tuner. Some radio ATs don't have the range needed to bring in resonance on an entire band.
    -Consider dipping your toes in this hobby with less pricey "starter kits." The high priced toys that will do it all may be able to do things you'll never want. It's another case of the KISS principle; too easy to over-complicate things from the gitgo.
    -That Yaesu 857 is a good choice, but find someone who has one and pick their brains. I'd be concerned with heating in such a small package.
    -Consider a power supply that is well over what your xceiver needs. You'll be adding "stuff".
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  18. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    A good 12Vdc Battery with a Linear PowerSupply that will Run a 100Watt output Radio (20Amps) is a good start, for a Power Supply... Set the Voltage for 13.4 Vdc and let the Battery float on that... Makes a real good Power Setup even with a 10 amp constant Load of the Supply....
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  19. hitchcock4

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    Woo-hoo :whistle:
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  20. 3M-TA3

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    @Bandit99 - COMgratulations, sir! Lots of great advise above!
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