Got sugar cane...or access to it?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by chelloveck, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. chelloveck

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    Make your own sugar / Candy

  2. duane

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    The potter strikes again, stone axe, bamboo, sugar cane, and he built all of his tools as he went along. Press, molds, skimmer, stirrer, etc. His dock was bamboo also. Don't know if in real life he would of took a chance and cooled the molds in the river, in a few hours they would of cooled next to his fire, but then I cool my maple candy in the snow so he might well do so. The real secret to this series, the ability to start your civilization over from scratch with no tools except what are available around you, starts in this case with pottery and I would love to see how he makes his pots and bricks. One of the best and most inspiring things I have seen in years. The young man knows his stuff, makes all those reality stars look like idiots, is very sure in both making and using his tools, and has that confidence in movement,while lashing the bamboo, using his stone axe, etc, that is very difficult to fake. Created a real problem chelloveck, these I am going to store on my hard drive as I am not taking a chance that some idiot will not all of a sudden say that they are no longer available as the format is obsolete or he bought the rights to the youtube and now you have to pay. I will never forget the obscure tree rodent and all the things that I lost access to and try to learn from my mistakes. Thanks again for the video.
  3. Tempstar

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    Great video. As kids we always had some sugar cane to chew on and the neighbor lady made candy with little bits of fruit in it from raw cane. It was even good trade bait at school. The best though was her oatmeal cookies with a thin swirl of cooked then hardened cane drizzled on top.
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  4. duane

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    Sweets are necessary for some of us. Always think of sugar cane, but in real world, sorghum, sugar beet, barley water, maple, birch, etc, are also very useful in those climates where cane will not grow. Minnesota area used to grow sugar beets, grand father boiled down sorghum in maple pan and it was good. Problem isn't what is available, problem is knowing how to use what is available. Giving the choice of 6 months survival food or those young men, I would take their knowledge as then you might be alive in 9 months. All the video's in the world would be of less use than Bishop if the world did collapse, as he has the practical knowledge of what works and the mental and muscle skills to make it work. The stone axe did not really cut like a steel axe, It bruised the wood and fibers until they could be cut by a sharp knife like stone or bent and torn. Never really "understood" that until the 6 th time I watched him cut a log with the stone axe. It is also amazing to see what the young men did with their feet when you don't wear shoes. Held objects in position, mixed the mud, etc. Very thought provoking series and I guess I am rambling on to long. Ended up going down the youtube rabbit hole for a few hours as a result of your post chelloveck.
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  5. Asia-Off-Grid

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    TONs of sugar cane is available here in Cambodia. As much as you could humanly desire.
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    My dad used to put sugar cane juice in gallon jugs in the freezer so he could have juice all winter.
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    You know you can make your own booze with sugar cane, Tried some years ago, Talk about rich! 1/2 shot is sugar overload!
  8. Asia-Off-Grid

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    For me, ol' Jack Daniels pretty well achieved perfection. No need for me to try to improve on that. :D
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  9. Illini Warrior

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    in the Midwest it's sorghum - farther north they discovered sugar beets are the ticket - just about the perfect crop for some of that land ....
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  10. chelloveck

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    Sugar cane isn't the only game in town, so to speak.....the same small scale primitive DIY batch processing method shown in the OP video can be used with slight modifications for both:


    Sorghum is very can be used to make food products other than sugar.....the seed can be popped, or processed into flour. Waste products such as crushed canes can be used as a high energy stock food.

    Popping Sorghum

    making sorghum flour....old school

    The grid up option...

    To Make Roti - Flat Bread using Sorghum flour

    A great benefit of sorghum flour is that it is gluten free...

    Sugar Beets:

    the sugar beet pulp, after extracting the sugar can be used as stock food.
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