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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bandit99, Sep 13, 2017.

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    With the weather here in Northern Idaho, and specifically, the temperature to change drastically starting tomorrow - well - I got this done just in time...

    I moved here and purchased the property about 2 years ago from a Californian refugee that built the house. It's a nice, solid little house but he failed to install a wood stove even though the property is covered in Lodge Pole pines that have to come down to protect the other trees (blue spruce, white/red fir and etc.) and, in general, to keep from making a mess because they don't have a good root system...but they make good firewood. So, I dished out the bucks and finally got my woodstove installed this Spring but I had no place to store wood. My intent is to build another garage (next Spring) which will have 12 foot lean-too for wood storage and etc. but what to do now? So, not wanting to spend a lot of money, I decided to try one of these hoop houses as a temporary measure and I would also gain experience for building the wife's Green House in the Spring. I am pretty please with the results but there are a few mistakes and things I will do differently next time yet this was a learning experience...but we'll see how it handles a winter here...

    Just a few details... it is 10W' x 16L' and 7H', I used 3/4" Schedule 80 (2 ea.10' sections to form a hoop, didn't glue them either), base is 2" x 6" treated wood, 3" and 4"carriage bolts, didn't see the sense in putting a real door on it since it's temporary... I did cut a few corners and used odds and ends 2"x4" whenever I could, the front and back plastic are simple 6mil plastic and not the good greenhouse stuff, things like that...

    Tips: Lock Channel and Wiggle wire (also called Spring wire) are your friends. Use them. While the channel (aluminum) is not exactly cheap (but last forever) they do the job excellent and save a ton of time and effort and makes replacement of plastic really easy. Snap Clamps also are extremely useful and be aware there are 2-3 different types depending on strength and if they are removable or permanent. Get your electric sander out and round the corners on your 2"x4" your plastic will thank you.

    Wood House 1.

    Wood House 2.

    Wood House 3.
  2. Seepalaces

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    Wow, that is beautiful.
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    That holds quite a bit of wood, plus I see you have more. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.
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    I think I got about 4+ cords in it and probably could cram more in there. I certainly could if I stacked it better. Yes, I got quite a bit cut this year and got the rounds stacked around the property. I am going to just throw a tarp over them for winter and split them come Spring as I am out of room to store them. I gotta get something built next Spring...

    Thank you! Let's hope it can hold up to an Idaho winter. LOL!
  5. GOG

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    That will do nicely.
    I appreciate you sharing your journey with us. :)
  6. Dunerunner

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    Congrats on escaping Commiefornia, and cutting, splitting and stacking 4+ cords of wood is no small effort.. [bow]
    [stacked] [treecutter] = [campfire]
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    I like how @Bandit99 used pallets to stack the wood on. That is so smart. I was raised with using old lumber but I think the pallet idea is smarter. It is higher off the ground.
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    Oh no, not me! The guy I purchased the house and land from was from Commiefornia. No, I was originally from Seattle, long before the Microsoft era, grew up in the Ballard area. I tried to go back to Seattle in 1994 and hated it, so much so that after 7 months I signed up to go to Bosnia instead of stay there. LOL!

    I managed to get the pallets for free from a shop in CDA that was trying to get rid of them, had to fix a few but it's not like they have to be perfect, just keep wood off the ground. I did run out of pallets and anymore will have to go on some long split pieces.[/quote]
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    Great post!
  10. BTPost

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    Not only up off the Ground, but by putting the wood on pallets, it lets Air Flow circulate through the Pile and helps dry the split wood... in my woodshed, I use old Cooler Trays from the Canned Salmon Retorts, as the floor inside...
  11. Sgt Nambu

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    Nice job, Bandit! I'm betting that new greenhouse will be excellent, come spring!
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  12. M118LR

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    Well Done, Bandit. If the weather guessers are correct it looks like you will be using a few sticks from the pile.
    Here in Florida the wood lot is much easier to manage. LOL
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    The pressed logs are nice but you dare not store this out side , if they get wet , all you have is saw dust.
    The same with wood pellets .
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    Looking good :)
  15. M118LR

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    Y'all expect me to go outside when it's cold enough to have a fire in the hearth? Yankee's, I need not say more. :lol:
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