got to feeling a bit techish and had to rebuild a computer

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ochit, May 9, 2018.

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    Friend sent me a ASUS mother board P8Z77 it came with a Intel G2020 2.9Ghz chip, a free board is like a free puppy there is a lot you have to shell out for to even get started.
    And I had to get a fan -- got a Cooler master he used the memory so I picked up 8GB of Corsair and stuck it on. it needed a case ordered a inexpensive Raidmax w/380 watt power supply. the case needed another fan so dig in the old pile and found one, of course had to have a CD/DVD so I bought an "M" drive nice and quiet backward compatible. he was nice enough to send his old NVIDA video card. I have a tub of stuff found a micro keyboard and a USB mouse so now I looked around for a hard drive found an old 320GB laptop drive next I wanted a free operating system,I am not paying old Bill Gates any money to fly around with his friends Bloomberg, Oprah, Winfrey Ted Turner George Soros David Rockefeller saying the world has to many people we need to kill of 6 out of 7 billion --what a jerk maybe he should go first and lead by example.

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    Ok Went to Puppy Linux page and downloaded a distro called Slacko 6.3 burned the .ISO and proceeded to test it running from a live CD ran great so I installed it runs like a stripped ape I had to update some programs and I got a free version of Office for it. Slacko 6.3 comes with printer / scanner software media player well lets just say there is little you may need and linux likes HP printers.

    So it is now residing beside my TV that I use as a monitor as well as my TV set and as a backup desktop and I have at least 4 backup notebooks / laptops I think I am more impressed with my new 20 ton jack it needs a workout but it needs a friend I need to get another chain fall I think I am going for a 1.5 ton.

    I just can't see giving money or forwarding the lies that royals are "fit" to rule or are benevolent or decent or have humanities interests at heart like the others mentioned above. every computer i renew rebuild screws Bill out of a sale, his company Microshaft is a virus you have no control it does things your not aware of and promotes his friends businesses and he is the face of agenda 21.
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    I love it. I just took an I-7 desktop freebie that needed a vid card, added a second 1 TB drive (total of 2 now) and put FreeNAS on it for my network storage server. Total outlay less than $80. I like free and I like cheap.
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    I know y'all are doing 'puter talk , but I've just never really understood all this lingo,, 3.6 Gigafloppys, a disco burned out 6.3 Slacker , and now 'puter's come with Linus's puppy , with a 8 Gigasplit Corsair ,( ain't that a plane ), and they got Microshaft's , sounds like something my ex blamed me for when we split up,,,[ROFL][ROFL],,,,,,,,,,,sounds like a foreign language to me,,,,,,,,,[gone],,,,,
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