gotoky, secure communications off-grid (similar to Beartooth)

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    If you have seen the discussion on Beartooth, there are a number of devices upcoming that are similar.
    GOTOKY (seen here GOTOKY. Most advanced private off-grid communication network)
    It has european certification and is seeking FCC certification. Since it uses an "unlicensed" band (915 MHz) it should be able to get that certification from the FCC.
    See the website for details. About 4 days left for this Kickstarter -- which asks for 125 euros (or about $150 US dollars) if you include shipping to the 50 states.

    I'm not affiliated with GOTOKY and have only spent 5 minutes looking at it -- so for questions I would suggest that you see the website above. I'm considering supporting that for a pair of them, but have not decided yet.

    EDIT: above price is for a pair. If you only get one, make sure you have a buddy that is going to get another. One by itself is of no use. :)
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    Will still have the same Range and limitations of the BearTooth devices as they both are Part 15 Devices, and Bandwidth Limits are the same, for Mesh Hops....
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