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    Opossum clash ends with arrest, dog shot

    Associated Press

    <!-- begin body-content -->SAN DIEGO - A dispute that began over the capture of an opossum in a residential neighborhood ended with police shooting a Rottweiler and arresting a man after stunning him with a Taser gun.
    A fight broke out in the Talmadge area of San Diego after a resident saw a large opossum running in the area Tuesday and asked a maintenance worker to corral the feral animal, prompting a call to police.
    An officer at the scene shot a Taser gun at one man who became combative, according to police reports.
    The man removed the barbs and fled through a neighboring yard, where a Rottweiler allegedly came at the officer. The officer fired several shots in self-defense, police said.
    The man was found and arrested a short time later. Police said they were evaluating him for being under the influence.
    The dog was taken to an animal hospital. Its condition was not immediately available.
    <!-- end body-content -->
  2. Blackjack

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    Let me get this straight, a cop runs through my yard, my dog does his job and attacks him, and the cops shooting the dog is "self defense"?

    So if you break into my home, I attack you, you shoot me.... it's self defense?

  3. CRC

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    Not in Florida. :)
  4. kckndrgn

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    In CA, I can see that happening:rolleyes: As backwards and messed up as their laws are, yeah, I could see that happening.

  5. Blackjack

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    I may have lost in the long run, but ANYONE in my yard and shooting my dog will be killed... Period.with a statue of GW Bush sticking out your ass, you will die in a hail of 223 slugs from my window! End of story!
  6. TailorMadeHell

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    Another grand day and bit of excitement in california. Don't yall want to live here in paradise? :D
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