Gotta Love Dillon Precision!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seacowboys, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I own three Dillon 550 reloaders and a Dillon 650. I load thousands of rounds and any time that something has gone wrong or broken, Dillon has sent new replacements over nite at no charge, no questions asked. Last week, my 650 had several primers detonate in the feed tube while loading. It pretty much screwed up the primer tube. When I called Dillon today and described what happened, the Tech said :"Whoa!" I am sending you a whole new primer feed system. Replace ALL the parts, do not re-use any of them. They'll go out tonight, you should have them tomorrow. These folks are absolutely awesome. I am a very happy return customer and highly recommend these fine folks to anyone wishing a quality product with people that stand behind them. Thank you, Mike Dillon.
    Made in America by Americans Rocks!
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    I have an older 450 and a new 650. I absolutely love Dillon Precision as well!! I had minor things break over the years and they always sent me replacement parts either cheap or free. Super helpful customer service too.
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    I had/have a 550 that got screwed up in my shed. I'm guessing some pool chemicals in the air, lots of corrosion.

    Called Dillon and they said "send it in"

    Got it back and they replaced and cleaned almost everything. I looked at the invoice and there was no charge.

    Called them up and said "hey, this was my fault." Guy on the phone said it didn't matter.

    I said "let me at least pay for shipping."


    Great service. They really stand behind their products.

  4. Pistolero

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    I like the Dillon Girls! ha ha.
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