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    A buddy of mine was being transferred to Detroit a while back for work. We were at a restaurant eating and he really upset about the whole deal, he was saying he didn't want to go, he'd heard the crime was terrible and he was really worried. And I didn't know what to say as I had never been there. Then a fellow behind us had overheard our conversation and said he was from Detroit and was just down visiting family. He started telling my buddy that things weren't that bad up there, it's just like anywhere else. My buddy started feeling a little better and he started to smile a little thanking the guy for putting him at ease. A few minutes later my buddy asked him what he did for work up there, he said, Oh, I'm a tail gunner on a Budweiser truck.
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    Lololol oh goodness.
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    LOLOL!!! Snort!!!
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