Gov’t Shuts Down LDS Canneries

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Reminds me of the quote..."Don't steal, the Government hates competition.":(
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    Grab the guns, control the food.
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  5. Rabid

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    How reliable is this information?
  6. Harbin

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    I called 2 friends that live in Utah, neither has heard anything but are going to ask around. This would be a huge shock if it's true.
  7. Catullus

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    But of course.... why else would they want a list of Patron's, so if there was an event, they would know just where to go to seize supplies.
    In the meanwhile, send the FDA out to confiscate the un-approved food, to force more citizens to rely on the .gov in times of need.
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    LDS don't seem to be one of those groups that I'd wanna screw with if I were a government. You might get your ass handed to you.

    Anyway, what i am reading between the lines is.
    Over time you'll no longer be able to go into an LDS cannery and can your own stuff. Just purchase prepackaged.

    What concerned me was the churches statement that included '... available to church members' so .. does that mean the general public won't have access to their product? I can only speculate.
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  10. Yard Dart

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    Well they may prevent us from buying pressure cookers due to Boston and heirloom seeds may get banned, all in the effort of making you more needy for things you can not do your self due to regulation.
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    tis OK, the government has most of the people already sewn up.
    all they have to do is collapse the dollar and the vast majority of the population will starve to death.
    I guess they are just trying to get the last few percentage. Unfortunately, that last percentage have guns, knowledge that isn't taught in schools, by corporations nor in very many books. It was passed down from their elders.

    Dyslexic Preppers Untie!
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  12. Brokor

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    Remember, they want total enslavement and complete obedience. The NUMEROUS methods to eliminate "problem people" are already well established and have been routinely practiced, to be carried out in the event there is no other viable solution. As of right now, best I can tell, there isn't a lot of argument against many policies. Per usual, gradual change takes its toll.

    The only remaining splinter in the backside of the beast is gun ownership.

    I can only speculate at how TPTB intend to go about removing that splinter, since they already have so many options available. The Congressional route isn't working, thanks to the NRA. Even the Media is falling short, pushing more and more people away every day with their constant fear campaigns and slanted journalism. Once again, it may come down to simple economics to push the boundaries and bring about radical change.

    The States need to secede NOW, while they still can.
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  13. BTPost

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    I would suspect, that this is an Out of touch Blogger, who, either didn't understand what a individual Cannery Manager told her, or, is just wanting to create some "blah blah blah" for her site... It may well be, that some Cannery Managers will be moving to Prepackaged Commodities, rather than having a "Do it yourself" Cannery, in every location, but the bigger locations, with more Church Folks around, to support it's operations will be doing the Canning, for the smaller outlets. This is most likely a shift in procedures, rather than a shift in Policy. This will have NO Impact on the Bishop's Storehouse System, of the LDS Church Welfare System. The LDS Church has ALWAYS sponsored Home Canning, and Food Storage, for it's Entire Existence. It is a BASIC Tenant of the Faith, and preached from the Pulpit many times every year. They ALWAYS take care of their Own, and THEN the surrounding community, as needed.

    The last folks the .Gov folks want to mess around with is the LDS Church. Sen. Orin Hatch, and the fool, Sen. Harry Reed are both Mormons, and hold a HUGH amount of Power in DC.... and that doesn't count, that there are a large number of FBI, CIA, and NSA folks that are Mormons as well.... and every Mormon knows how to deal with a .Gov that tries t muscle in on the Church. They learned the hard way at Hawn's Mill, Missouri and Navoo, IL, and taught the .Gov a lesson, when Johnston's Army marched on Utah.... It is part of the History of the Church, and they will Never Forget, those HARD LESSONS, learned, and then TAUGHT.... Again, these Historical Events are taught, and retaught, over the Pulpit, every year, so that they will NEVER Forget...... ......
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  14. Brokor

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    Yeah, it's BULK in the Eastern U.S. being shut down soon, as I read it. Can still order canned food, but it may have to be shipped from other LDS canneries to the outlets...Still it's all kind of a kick in the pants. From what I gather, due to government over-regulation.
  15. VisuTrac

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    Wait until the government comes after your waterbath canners, ball jars and tattler lids.
    When it comes to my food, yep right there is one of the big red lines.
    Don't cross it MFR gov't minion. That jar with the chipped rim, Yeah, I can't can with it anymore but I'll make it fit in your can.
  16. Mindgrinder

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    That chip is there purposefully to let a little air out of the jar you carry your fishin' worms in....isn't it?
  17. hammer502

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    going to the cannery on monday the 17th. was told they were closing down for remodel after next tuesday and should be down for about a month. will inquire more when i get there monday.
  18. BTPost

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    News Release - 17 June 2013
    Concern Over Changes toHome Storage Centers Unnecessary

    Salt Lake City - Over the past several weeks, misinformation and unnecessary concern has been circulating on blogs, over social media channels and by email regarding changes in operations at the Church's home storage centers, which are located in the U.S. and Canada. No home storage centers are being closed, but the Church is making welcomed modifications in its operations at most of these centers that will help to better serve the needs of members of the Church, as well as significantly improve efficiency.

    In all but 12 of the Church's 101 home storage centers in the U.S. and Canada, patrons will no longer self-can products, but they may purchase these same items pre-canned or prepackaged at no additional cost.

    The Church currently operates 101 home storage centers in the United States and Canada where food storage items such as beans, dry milk, wheat, rice and sugar may be purchased© All rights reserved.

    These changes have been considered for some time as the Church has looked at the best way to provide home storage goods to Church members efficiently. Much of the discussion regarding this issue has suggested that this change is due to food safety regulation. While it has been a factor, the concern expressed regarding that issue has been overstated.

    While many individuals have enjoyed self-canning at the Church's home storage centers, the advantages of providing pre-canned or prepackaged goods include:
    • It's more efficient and cost effective for the Church to produce and ship high-quality, pre-canned or prepackaged goods in bulk rather than ship the same goods and empty cans to a location where individuals can them on their own.
    • By offering the goods pre-canned or prepackaged, the Church utilizes less warehouse space.
    • Pre-canned and prepackaged operations allow for higher quality and safer preparation of home storage food.
    • It is much more costly to maintain and upgrade facilities that must meet food production standards (such as in a self-canning operation) than it is to maintain a facility that simply distributes pre-canned and prepackaged food.
    • Volunteer personnel time can be used more efficiently.
    The following 12 home storage centers will continue to offer self-canning for the time being as the Church continues to monitor the goods and services offered at home storage centers and makes adjustments as needed:
    • Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
    • Mesa, Arizona
    • Boise, Idaho
    • Idaho Falls, Idaho
    • Carrollton, Texas
    • Lindon, Utah
    • Logan, Utah
    • Ogden, Utah
    • Salt Lake City, Utah (Welfare Square)
    • Sandy, Utah
    • Springville, Utah
    • St. George, Utah
    The remaining 89 centers will provide pre-canned goods. A list of all home storage centers is available here.
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