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    It's good to know that raw milk is dangerous....it's amazing that humans ever made it through the days before pasteurization. ...and let's see, much of the world still consumes raw milk ... are all of those people falling over from brucellosis??? No........

    Jack-booted thugs.....

    Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk - Washington Times

    [alllies] Beware when the word "never" is used.
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    So let me get this straight... I can (and do) make the conscious choice to buy cigarettes and alcohol with the states blessing knowing full well they are likely to kill me some day, yet I cannot make the same conscious choice to consume raw milk purchased from people who have a long history of properly carrying for their animals in a far more humane manner than the mega dairy's could ever dream of.
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    It appears they got him on the interstate commerce part. No different than how they try to get states who allow gun manufacturing without fed. over site. Pure BS but anything to prove we are well under their thumb. 65 years old and drank fresh milk all of these years and will continue to do so.If it all of a sudden kills me it was still MY choice. Just as it will be my choice to answer a call to assemble on the commons when it finally comes.
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    They could actually prosecute YOU drinking your own milk produced by your own cow that you never sold to anyone anywhere......THAT is how much they have perverted the interstate commerce clause.

    Happened to a farmer in the 40's producing wheat on his own farm for use on his own farm.....went to the Supreme Court, who, in their infinite wisdom, decided that since the farmer WASN'T buying wheat in the open market, THAT affected interstate commerce to some tiny amount, and thus, the Feds could regulate the amount he was allowed to grow on his own farm, for his own use.

    Using that logic, the Feds can control any aspect of life in this country, since by merely getting out of bed, or not, in the morning, you would affect commerce somewhere, somehow.

    How's THAT for perverting the original intent of the founding fathers ??
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    “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.” ― Thomas Jefferson

    When you think about it, laws are quite harmless. It's when someone in power chooses to enforce those laws in a perverted way is when things go awry. Laws are used not for the benefit of all, but to benefit those in power. "Whose law, whose order" is what I always ask myself. Who benefits here. And, it could very well be ideosyncratic--that is, the .gov is full of "true believers" who truly believe a certain way and will not give in on an issue. They can literally push their belief system onto you because of their position in power.

    This is such a slippery slope....what's next, fresh OJ, eggs, cheese.....ANYTHING!
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    If they don't force all the people to drink the milk they run through the process they can't get the poisions they added into everyone's systems. I could be wrong and just a dumb hollor boy but I think these chemicals they have added to milk and other foods is alot of the health problems in our kids and then in us as we get older. I was raised on fresh milk and cow butter, fresh meats we slaughtered ourself and it didn't kill me.
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