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    A place to talk about thing we find on the GOV liquidations web sight.
    What is worth, what it is, what it can be used for and maybe trying to buy some of it.

    By the way I am in north central IN. 1 - 1.5 Hr east of Ohio 1mile south of IN state hi-way 18. Anyone else near me?

    I will start it off with what are the boxes in the last photo use for. It says it is all Air-force stuff any one in the AF?

    That tank would make big wood stove. The barrels are the short kind, they have handles and clamp on lids so they would be good for caches. It did not say if the ammo cans have lids or not.
    Here is what they say about the drums . Looks like 12 of them
    # 8140011761150

    Any one in FL? Here is one for you. They have lots of lots of them listed.

    This is a must have for any prepper. Add some pot, pans and what not and you have a mobile field kitchen with a table. They have bunch of them listed.
    Here are some more boxes to use for caches.
    And still going $300.00
    Sold went for $236.00
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    wow...the mobile field kitchen is a bargain at over $3,000 bucks. I think 20 5 gallon buckets filled with wheat and a 4 x 8 x 2 plywood sheet would work better a s a table and chairs for far less.
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    That is what the government paid for 4 of the they were only $790.84 each. The opening bid has to be at least $150.00 that would make them $37.00 each. They are Medical instrument chest.

    Here is a field kitchen for you. The gov. paid $15,185.00 and it could be your for $150.00
    Here is something that might work for a cache
    Sold $225.00
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    I looked at some brass and there is a bidding fee and some other stuff. I asked ab out it but no one replied.
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    Boxes are all shipping containers for "medical stuff.." At least that's what it says, these are nice sturdy drop proof containers . We had similar custom made containers to move our spectrum analyzers , o' scopes and counter measures receivers.. they maybe "filled inside with custom molded dense foam blocks for specific electrical /medical equipment you can usually get the foam block out and have a bigger waterproof container " for whatever...So are those human remains containers used? Any of that stuff would
    handle burial pretty well..
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    The site is too big for one man to scan. I thought it might be fun to discuses how some of the more obscure items would fit in to prepping.

    The drums are for missiles. I have 5 of the med chest they had field sinks in them I scraped out all of the sinks but one and kept the other 4 boxes. 2 are full first aid supplies {Aid station in a box} and 2 filled with a mess hall.

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    Lot's of neat stuff I found the other night.Maybe moderator can move that thread? Or canI quote them into this thread?

    Just remember to read the fine print. Almost all have a 10% fee right on the top of your winning bid. And then shipping cost if necessary.

    This sight has a load of gear and if you can get a few more involved you could really prep agroup fast.
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    Need a cabin at your bug out retreat, here is one just the right size 72'“ x 144” x 80”
    for one person.
    This one is smaller 120” x 72” x 72“.
    Here is a big one 270" x 104" x 100"
    Another 125" x 97" x 58" this one is set up for commo.
    It would make a nice little house 190" x 100" x 104"
    They have more then a few shelters listed
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    I would go with the first one, would beat a plain jane conex container, surround it with straw bales for a super insulated bug out shelter.
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    You are in IN. right?
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    North or south of Indy?
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    North East!
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    LMFAO "HUMAN TRANSFER CASES" for caching a bag O bones? lol
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    A mile west of 9 and a mile south of 18.

    You have to submit an EUC so there is no guarantee that even if you were to win the lot that you could take possession.
    I have heard of EUC taking a month to go through.
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    I appreciate all of the helpful information that people are posting. I don't always agree with all of the opinions here, but at least people are trying to help each other out.
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