.gov mindset post-Ruby Ridge hasn't changed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Yes, that is a very good, and well written article on the issue of Government Paranoia, that has become institutionalized, since 9/11, here in the USA.... One reason that I choose to live as far from these Crazy F***ers as possible.... and only go out amoungst'em for a couple of weeks a year.... Plain Self-preservatin... YMMV....
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    We can see, with the new law regarding the whole of the American nation as a "battle ground", that the Goobs fear We The People, and consider ALL of us as 'The Enemy'! The increasing militarization of the police is a result of that, though it has been going on for a long time too. This is the true travesty of the current mindset of the FBI, DHS and BATFE - that they must aim their 'anti-terrorism' efforts inward to the very citizens of this nation, not the actual terrorist threats. In their eyes, WE are the threat! The FBI, BATFE and DHS are nothing more now than latterday Gestapo.
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    Along with his America-hating wife we have a highly probable Muslime president who appointed, among too many others, an abomination homosexual head of DHS who quickly established a feminazi clan at the top levels, a DOJ head who calls Americans cowards and is dedicated to "his" people. These a$$hats then take their cues and directions from a childmolesting leader of the SPLC whose insights are that white veterans, Bible believing citizens, and liberty lovers are definitely going to cause acts of terror.
    Added to the ranks of these we have the products of our indoctrination education (Hah!) system who have little knowledge of US History, our founding documents, and little moral instruction but who will love the toys that Uncle Sugar gives them as they assemble into Law Enforcement types versus Peace Officers.
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