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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by whynot, Nov 7, 2012.

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    It's not unusual in this day with "TERRORISM!" ™ on every mind and regurgitated by the corporate media, in a world where people spy on their neighbors and have begun suspecting coworkers and family. This country is only one catastrophe away from openly declared martial law --and that's the point, perhaps. But, let us not just claim the obvious. Let's bring to light the fact that, in every case, the government has sponsored these events in the past, and there's no certainty they will stop. And what about the case in this topic? We know now that it took 2 hours for the emergency response team to provide an "all clear" over a forgotten bag lunch. The days of routine police work have long passed, replaced only with FEAR, PANIC and a federally mandated POLICE STATE.

    Naturally, the safest course of action was taken in this instance. But, was it the best course?
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    How much did that sandwich and chips finally cost us? Common sense ain't all that common is it?
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    I guess if I was trying to control the masses and was up to no-good spreading fear, I'd have something to be paranoid about too.

    Not sure if that came out right o_O
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    Yeah,it did CC
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