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    Now imagine all the ones who haven't been caught yet. This is what you get with private, for profit, legal systems.
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    Three to five years? For intentional harm to as many as 40, 000? Well, perhaps, but only if she serves it in the male prison population along with all her victims, as they await justice. She screwed them once already, so what's the difference?......
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    This is so egregious I can't even think of a coherent solution for the victims or the chemist.
  5. -06

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    Like Kellory said---put her in population. They know what to do with crooked cops/etc.
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    Three to five years for doing this is a joke. She should get the total amount of years that all the innocent people served in jail/prison, along with all the civil suits coming her way.

    At least she will serve some time, be very popular in prison and someone might get to her during her time in there.
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    That is one who Can't Understand Normal Thinking
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    What about a Perjury Indictment for every time she testified in Court, and perjured herself. Each count is a Felony, if convicted....
  9. DKR

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    Worse than you think Other articles show...

    The husband of disgraced chemist Annie Dookhan warned a prosecutor that his wife was a chronic liar in ominous text messages nearly two years before she was finally caught improperly removing drug evidence from a state lab, according to new State Police documents obtained by the Globe.


    BOSTON -- A chemist accused of lying about drug samples she tested at a state lab could face additional charges as prosecutors and defense attorneys sift through thousands of criminal cases that could be upended by her actions.

    Annie Dookhan, 34, of Franklin, was arrested Friday in a burgeoning investigation that has already led to the shutdown of the lab, the resignation of the state's public health commissioner and the release of more than a dozen drug defendants.


    The former state chemist at the heart of the state drug lab scandal admitted to investigators that she improperly removed evidence from storage, forged colleagues’ signatures, and didn’t perform proper tests on drugs for “two or three years,” according to a copy of a State Police report obtained by the Globe.

    Annie Dookhan, whose misconduct may have jeopardized evidence in about 34,000 drug cases, also admitted that she recorded drug tests as positive when they were negative “a few times” and sometimes tested only a small sample of the drug batch that she was supposed to analyze.

    “I messed up. I messed up bad. It’s my fault,” she told the state troopers who visited her Franklin home on Aug. 28, insisting that she acted alone. “I don’t want the lab to get in trouble.”

    However, the troopers’ interviews with other chemists in the lab make clear that Dookhan’s colleagues had concerns about her unusually large caseload and lab habits and raised them with supervisors. But the supervisors took little action even when they learned that she had forged other chemists’ initials on some drug samples.

    Maybe she needs some company at trial....
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    That, right there, is conspiracy to do intentional harm in order to benefit. What a disgusting group of people. It's true, Annie is a first degree prostitute for her friends, but those friends are criminals of the highest order. I would like to see every last one of them dragged through the streets.
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    Any prosecutor who ever asked her for the results they wanted, would be a good place to start. It took a lot more than just this one corrupt person, for all this to happen.

    On the bright side, at least she was busted - which means these things aren't going completely unchecked.
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    Might also be *somebody* covering their own arse, too. I would think something which sounds like DEE AYE.
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    Folks wonder why I so dislike, no despise, don't care for elected DA's.

    Always looking for the next big case (publicity whores, the lot) to bolster their 'election chances' and many a time the not-so-guilty get burned, bad. For certain, these are not chior boys, for the most part, they are putting away, but being really guilty and proving that is or should be part of the process.
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    We should also remember that the courts and legal system is one big happy family. The only reason she got 3-5 (out in 2 weeks for good behavior) is because they all know each other. They golf together, have cocktails at the local lawyer/cop bar, give each other back room deals, and generally suck each other off until someone gets a raise or promotion. This is our legal system and it is based on nepotism. If she wasn't part of that society she would have had the book thrown at her.

    We can see the double standard everywhere and yet people still act surprised when it happens. Look at Jack Abramoff who stole billions and got 7 years and got to keep the money and compare that to those two kids who got 11 years for downloading songs online.
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