Government Releases Study of Domestic Terrorist Group

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    BOSTON - The government has released its study of a new terrorist group it claims is spreading across the Country. The study claims that new cells have been discovered from the northeast down through Tennessee and Georgia, with more cells being discovered regularly.

    “So far, we have no hard evidence of any specific illegal act that has been perpetrated by members of this group,” stated one govermnent spokesperson, “but it is just a matter of time before something happens and we get our hard evidence. Americans need to understand just what type of group this really is. These people are dangerous!” His comments came because of recent claims by the group that they were simply a patriotic group that wants the government to remain within its legal limits.

    “This is not a group of patriotic citizens,” a government law enforcement agent claimed who would not identify himself “These people are nothing more than illegal and violent anti-government tax protesters. We have evidence of a number of violent attacks against legitimate law enforcement officers and government tax collectors. Several innocent government officials have been hospitalized in serious condition from wounds suffered in these illegal attacks. In addition, we are certain they are behind a number of unsolved crimes which have cost the government millions in damages and destruction. They are terrorists, plain and simple. Some of them have pledged all their financial assets to generate the capital necessary for a full-scale war against the government. These people are extremists!”

    The group, who call themselves The Sons of Liberty, are based in New England, some think in Boston. Authorities claim they have been involved in recent attacks against several government officials, including tax collectors, officers of National Guard and other government troop units, and even the governor of New York. Governor Cadwalider Colden was informed last week by his security staff of a planned attack against his travelling party. The governor took the threat seriously and headed for a local military base when it became obvious his own security department could not guarantee his safety. While at the base, The Sons of Liberty attacked the home of the base commander, burning his vehicles and emptying a rather extensive wine cellar before disappearing into the surrounding countryside.

    This reporter has recently received in the mail with no return address a copy of some of the writings by The Sons of Liberty leadership. These documents claim that the group is strongly opposed to what the government has become, charging that it has exceeded its legal limits. “A government that has exceeded its legal limits has lost its moral and legal authority. That government must voluntarily retreat to within its limitations, or it will be forced to change by We The People.” In another pamphlet, apparently intended for recruiting purposes, were these words: “If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget you were our countrymen.” These and other anti-government statements were contained in what appeared to be a circular, an essay intended to be circulated among its various chapters or cells.

    So far, dozens of attacks against various government officials have been blamed on The Sons of Liberty. The government claims that they are getting close to arresting the leaders of the group, and especially the man credited with starting The Sons of Liberty. Some within law enforcement believe that Samuel Adams is the primary leader, and Adams himself has been linked to many violent acts against the government for more than seven years, including a recent attack against imported tea, As of yet, however, the govermnent has not moved to arrest Adams, who lives in Boston with his family. [winkthumb]
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    Now THAT is interesting. Wonder what paper and what date.
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    I think satire of modern publication. I found it in a flyer I was given at a gun show and scanned it
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    Sad how believable it is as being modern.
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    I knew it was Samual Adams!!! That cherry wheat has been the cause of many of my illegal activities!!! [beer]
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    Samuel Adams and The Sons of Liberty would be very dissappointed to see what has become of their efforts. :mad: [wannamesswitme] :mad:
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    Interesting read thanks man
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    Domestic terror group

    Thanks. That sounds like a read from today's paper.
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    Boy, you had me til the end [bestpost]
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    +1, but it gives you a better idea of how big the stones on our forefathers really were.They were just going along with every day living until they stopped and said "hey that's just about enough, from you " To the king they were viewd as terrorists and thieves( it was afterall part of "his" kingdom, and he had invested plenty of treasure in the colonies....)
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