Governor of Florida Protects residents Gun Rights

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by tacmotusn, Aug 16, 2011.

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    It's a safe bet this would have never happened with a Demoncrat at the helm as Governor of Florida.
    The Florida State legislature has taken steps towards securing Second Amendment rights by eliminating restrictions on firearms. The measures, which will be enacted on October 1, will impose penalties on public officials who pass or enforce gun regulations at the state level. Violators face a $5,000 personal fine and may risk being removed from office by the governor. Florida already had a law that made it illegal to pass gun regulations beyond those imposed through state statutes since 1987. The Blaze explains the necessity for this new law:
    While Florida has had a law on its books since 1987 that makes it illegal to pass gun regulations beyond state statutes, there was no enforcement mechanism in place. As a result, towns and cities have created ordinances at will. In the process, many of them have criminalized otherwise completely law-abiding citizens who unintentionally ran afoul of arbitrary, localized gun rules.
    As a result, Governor Rick Scott (pictured) has signed into law the Penalties for Violating Firearms Preemption Law, which forces the repeal of all regulations and policies that violate the firearms preemption law of 1987.
    According to the Orlando Sentinel, changes are already underway in the Sunshine State as a result of the newly signed law:
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    LOL .... when I am awake and not otherwise engaged doing something, I have 3 to 5 windows open online. 2 or 3 that are constant, and I am surfing, reading, copying, printing, emailing, and posting here and there on the others.
    I am sure I have not stiffled your urge to post, and I get beat at doing it quite often. Better luck next time. [dunno]
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    I think all states should have something like this. I was stationed in Washington for awhile and i know they have pre-emption on the books, but that didnt stop that dumb ass mayor of seattle from banning ccw in city parks. It eventually got overturned but if they had this penalties law in place it would stop a lot of that crap from happening to begin with.
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    The states have rejected some of the mandate the feds have tried to impose as interferences in internal activities. Can't help wondering if towns and cities might take the same tack of protesting centralized control over internal affairs. Might get interesting.
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    States have done so, citing the US Constitution mostly as their basis for rejecting the Unconstitutional crap coming out of Wash. D.C.
    State Constitutions would be basic rule of law (if within U.S. Guidelines), that the Cities and towns within the State would have to abide by. To propose to enforce a law within a city in conflict with State law, would seem to make the city ordnance illegal and unenforceable without serious legal/punitive monetary jeopardy in State court. jmho of course.[beat]
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    This is a great piece of news. These little tidbits, while small, give some hope. It shows there is still a bit of common sense left in this country.

    Thanks for sharing it.
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    I like the PART where the Governor can relieve the offender of his position, when proven that the offender did in act in violation of this LAW. Send the State Jack-Boots out, to collect the local Jack-Boots, for violating your Second Amendment Rights, under State Law. Way to many local Politicos, and LEOs, are making up their own Laws, these days. Well not in Florida, anymore... Good for them....
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    For 95% of us in sunny Florida, this is a nonissue. But for those 5%, hope it helps them. Good to see Scott doing SOMETHING that actually helps us.....
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