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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tacmotusn, Mar 24, 2011.

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    First off, odds of me bugging out are pretty darn slim. It seems from conversations here some of you plan on bugging out at some point and seriously prep for that. Also other really lean hard towards the high end convienence foods. The following link will take you to a page of "Sportsmans guide, and one of their latest offerings". Some of you will probably find it irresistable. I gotta admit even I looked hard at it.
    56 - Serving Grab & Go Meal Bucket, Camping Kitchen, Wise Foods at Sportsman's Guide
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    That's a good deal. If you go to their web site, they will send you a sample.
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    I literally just made one of the pouchsd. The Creamy Chicken Pasta. I recieved it from the Freeze Dry Guy as a sample package. I't didn't seem to fully hydrate, some of it was still crunch, but I really liked it. I'd buy their product. I still think that Mountain House may be better, but if the price was better on the Wise brand I'd have no problem getting it.

    The price isn't bad. They sell it on their website for $120.00 under the Gourmet emergency Grab and Go section. I guess it depends on shipping becasue both places sell it for about $120.00 unless your a club member at the Sportsman's Guide, then it's $108.00, which to me is a really good deal.
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    That is a good deal. some of that stuff is not so tasty but that brand is pretty good stuff. It would be great in emergencies, or the case of a bugout situation, What we are trying to do is put together some complete meals, and dehydrate them or put some dried soup mixes together. We are trying to do everything we can to get a stockpile of that type of foods so we dont have to buy as much when that time comes.
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    Yessiree. [booze] And I did the math. Which doesn't count for much, but...anyway. I saved quite a bit by getting a couple of those 56 packs. I could have gone for the larger ones, but you get what you spend for. I am glad I still have a membership. I took $10 off shipping, so total shipping came to $17. Thanks for the heads up, Tac. [boozingbuddies]
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    I'm in the process of looking for foods like this. So are these considered good prices for dehydrated meals on the Sports Mans Guide and Wise Foods web site?

    I'm just trying to get abase line so I know if what I find is a good deal, I may just buy some from these guys. Once I get more staple food on hand I will start looking at the tastier stuff like this.
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    The prices looked very tempting to me, and I don't normally lean towards this type of food, because I don't plan on bugging out (except for a nuke accident with winds blowing my way from my nearest nuke reactor). I wouldn't have posted the link otherwise. I am a bit frugal with my coin thank you!
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    I agree with staying in if possible. After all the quakes and what happened in Japan, my wife's family live there so it hit home a little harder than normal, plus the fact I live close to the new madrid fault I have started making preparation in case something happens and I don't have a home anymore[shtf]
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