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    Gloves seems to have become quite a big thing within the community. I went and got me a pair of Mechanix last summer but I didn't like them much personally. The stitching started giving up after a couple of months.
    Now, I used them hard, not saying.
    Chopping up wood, working on the car and so on. And down at the range when it started getting a bit colder, but IMHO any gloves that gives a good feel can be used for such tasks.
    I've had tens of pairs of Granberg gloves. They are a higher end brand of work gloves and they come in many, many versions. The pair I wear nowadays are a waterproof pair of waterproof winter assembly gloves that I got in oktober. Since I drive around in 60:ies cars I tend to spend a bit of time by the roadside cursing and messing around with warm engines and I use these gloves for this and pretty much everything and just for warmth.
    The grip surface has a rubbery feel and the grip is great, almost sticky to most materials.
    They have a good feel when out shooting and operating linerlocks, getting keys out and those kind of tasks where many winter-gloves fail is no problem at all with these on. Same with getting zippers up and the like.

    Here they are about $20 a pair and WELL worth it.

    2014-02-03 16.11.34.
    Link to manufacturer
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    I love gloves and the supplier that I normally buy from has dropped the cow hide glove that I've worn for years. Now, I can't find any locally. Do the Granberg keep you warm in cold weather?
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    Granberg AS
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