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    Maureen Dowd is a card carrying damn the Constitution lib ban the guns....

    So it is amusing for her to call out Bill's wife.
    "But if Hillary really wants to help those children, maybe she should give them some of the ostensible and obscene $2.5 billion that she is planning to spend to persuade us to make her grandmother of our country."[lolol]ohno
    WASHINGTON — WHEN my brother Michael was a Senate page, he delivered mail to John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, who had offices across the hall from each other.

    He recalled that Kennedy never looked up or acknowledged his presence, but Nixon would greet him with a huge smile. “Hi, Mike,” he’d say. “How are you doing? How’s the family?”

    It seemed a bit counterintuitive, especially since my dad, a D.C. police inspector in charge of Senate security, was a huge Kennedy booster. (The two prominent pictures in our house were of the Mona Lisa and J.F.K.) But after puzzling over it, I finally decided that J.F.K. had the sort of magnetism that could ensorcell big crowds, so he did not need to squander it on mail boys. Nixon, on the other hand, lacked large-scale magnetism, so he needed to work hard to charm people one by one, even mail boys.

    Hillary Clinton has always tried to be more like the Democratic president she lived with in the White House, to figure out how he spins the magic. “I never realized how good Bill was at this until I tried to do it,” she once told her adviser, Harold Ickes. But she ends up being compared with the Republican president she investigated as a young lawyer for the House Judiciary’s Watergate investigation.

    Her paranoia, secrecy, scandals and disappearing act with emails from her time as secretary of state have inspired a cascade of comparisons with Nixon.
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    At this point to do not think she will be getting the nomination. Hillary comes off as very arrogant, it is going to be 2008 all over again. Hillary may be getting all the news coverage but all the Dems I know are talking Bernie Sanders. Bernie has quite the cyber campaign taking place. I met Bernie years ago at a Reggae concert. He is very good with a crowd.
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    Wait till she sucks up all the walking texting drones on her WWW Blitz. Those that can't look up, because they are always looking down at their screen,will never have a clue and will vote what they see on the screen.
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    Beware the lock-step efficiency of the Dem-0-Rat machine.
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    Just remember, we don't get the government we elect, we get the one we deserve.
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    The onion said it better this morning: "Hillery, because I deserve this."
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    Sigh I hope the demo party doesn't just crown her princess..... Some competition would do her good...

    And she is 67 now and has her own server.... IM not sure I'm ready for a presidential private server
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    Darrell Hammond nails the Bill Clinton impression.

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