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    We do not have a EDC forum and I didn't think this should go into the Firearms, Blades or First Aid forums. Moderators please move this to wherever you think it should go or leave it right here. It does cover Firearms, Blades, Misc Items and First Aid.

    Every Day Carry (EDC)? “What is that?” I asked an acquaintance of mine, after he mentioned EDC and made a few comments about me always having at least two “weapons” and a multi-tool on me at all times. There has been the mini-mag flashlight, flashlight/taser, strike stick, collapsible baton, multiple versions of the Swiss Army Knife, multiple version of the Leatherman multi-tool, and a few more versions of the Gerber multi-tool, assorted no name multi-tools, a P-38 (can opener), various bottle openers, folding razor blade knife, fixed blade knife (for more dire situations), credit card tools (I’ve lost a few of these), handgun (+spare mags/speed loaders, the make and model has changed over the years), sometimes a few extra PayDay candy bars or Granola bars and a bandanna in my rear pocket (opposite side of my wallet). I have never carried all of this at once. All of these things have been in different configurations over the years and some of the items have fallen into the junk drawer until needed again another year. The only constant carry items I have carried is a handgun, a pocket knife, a bandanna/hankie, wallet and watch. My Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits have always been maintained. Even in Arizona, where you can pretty much carry anything openly or concealed (pertaining to legal weapons) without a permit, I still have a CCW permit. I had never thought of it or even paid attention to anything like an EDC item. It was just something I’ve always done and didn’t know that EDC was even a “thing”. I just had that Boy Scout and USMC mentality of “always be prepared” and “plan for the worst and hope for the best”.

    So I became aware that “EDC” was what I was already doing, but did not know that “Every Day Carry” was a daily routine in life for so many people, or a lifestyle and even a subculture according to some. There have been so many different things that I have carried on a daily basis in my life. Depending on where I lived and what I was doing on a daily basis dictated what it was that I carried daily. So being made aware of the EDC mentality and that there are a lot of items made today (and some really nice Do-It-Yourself (DIY) items) I started looking into improving what I carry, adding more versatility/utility and saving space and weight while doing so.

    My search to improve my EDC led my into a lot of different forums on the internet. Some of them I thought were “way out in left field” and others were so rigid in what could or could not be discussed that it was difficult to find good information. Along the way of searching for information I came across several forums that where for the preppers’ to share and discuss their ideas. Now I have heard of and met a few ‘preppers’ casually and thought they were ready for the Zombie Apocalypse or were ready to “Don and Clear” because the nuclear holocaust was so close to reality and of course the list would not be complete without mentioning those who swear the “end of days” or the end of the world was upon us and that we should all repent and pray before God smites the earth and presses Ctrl-Alt-Del and restarts earth. I have also met a local couple who are serious preppers, but I didn’t know it for almost 6 months after meeting them. They are everyday, normal people who have a plan and were working the plan so that they didn’t get caught with their pants around their ankles when “everything heads south” (that was their terminology). It wasn’t until I learned about their prepping that I realized that preppers were not just for the zombie apocalypse. Prepping was not a cult, a subculture or a bunch of weirdos’ stockpiling ammunition for zombie head shots. Saying someone is a prepper is not different then saying that someone is ready for the next LA riot, or hurricane, or major power outage. It is just a label and with every label you find things you like and don’t like. Difference is an evil thing, because most people can’t open their eyes to ‘different’. Difference is what makes America so great, yet it is also America’s downfall, again because people can’t handle ‘different’.

    Honestly, I don’t think ‘preppers’ care what YOU think of them, except maybe “late for dinner”. They are concerned with the safety, welfare and continued existence of themselves, their families and maybe even their friends. “What are they preparing for?”, you might ask. Well that is different for each individual. Some are waiting for the day when “Shit Hits The Fan” or when SHTF, others have survived “off grid” away from the daily needs of Starbucks, electrical bills, telemarketers, rush hour traffic or anything else that puts an unnecessary burden on them. There are others who have survived terrible situations caused by mother nature. They have learned from experience and are putting that knowledge to use. Some preppers have property, buildings, gardens, livestock, and stores of supplies and others are just a family that has pre-packed bags and a full tank of gas in the vehicle so that they can survive for a couple of days if they have to ‘get out of dodge’, when SHTF. So how do we know when SHTF and need get out of dodge or hunker down and wait it out? Look out your window!

    So anyways, I’m searching the internet for a good information source and I found The message board or forum is all about prepping. The how to, how much, what type, how it works, things to think about and a whole bunch more information is there just waiting to be read, added to or answered. I am hoping to learn a lot and find a lot of great ideas from the Survival Monkey forums and its’ members. Just browsing around aimlessly I have already seen some really good ideas and starting to comprehend the prepping mentalities of the members. I never thought of prepping or considered myself a ‘prepper’ but, after reading posts and reviewing some of the past posts, I now believing that EDC is putting my foot into the door of the ‘world of prepping’. Which would also explains why I have enjoyed so many of the posts here. EDC and Prepping have a similar mindset of ‘being prepared’ but with different goals. EDC is being prepared on a much smaller, immediate nature for fixing something in front of you, while prepping is being prepared to survive for multiple days, months or years depending on the individuals goals

    I will work on getting some photos uploaded and try to keep this thread updated as my new found EDC mentality and gear evolve. I might just turn into a prepper yet, and when that day comes I will gladly hold my head up to be counted among the fantastic people who are a part of Survival Monkey. Guess I’m going to have to put a list together of the things that have always just been in my head.

    Speaking of “things that have just been in my head”, there is one thing that more people need to add to their EDC list…..their brain! Common sense and a practical approach to most issues in life can lead to positive results, having the right gear makes it so much easier. Time, experience and those sometimes painful lessons learned (Oh, that did not work!) are just as valuable as some of that high tech gear.

    So as they say at some of the meetings “Hello, I’m Grandpa Patch and I have a problem with…. wanting more EDC gear.”
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    Welcome GP. Be careful what you wish for. As a male, you can only carry so much before things get ridiculous. As a female, some I know carry around a small suitcase packed with who knows what, and every time I try to look in to see what's there, I get my fingers slapped.
  3. arleigh

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    You know that if one cannot be counted on to handle an emergency, no one thinks of them in spite of their training/knowledge.
    I suppose that is the epitome of being the grey man.
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    The payday candy bar reminded me of when I was on the us wasp o started a rumor about my self being swepted off ship and treadeding water for 4days and the only thing that kept me going was Tootsie rolls I had in my pocket all the younger Marines started carrying tootsie rolls in there pockets and the rumors got so big it was pretty funny.
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    So to start off with my EDC list I thought I would throw out my handguns.

    [​IMG]EDC_HGuns01 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    #1. The 1911 is a Springfield Loaded .45ACP Lightweight Operator model. Openly carried at the 3 o’clock location. Double magazine pouch (optional*) is carried at the 9 o’clock location.

    #2, The Springfield XD 3” Sub-Compact 9mm is my large concealed weapon and I do sometimes carry it openly.. Openly it is carried in the 3 o’clock location and again my double magazine pouch (optional*) is carried at the 9 o’clock position.

    #3. The Taurus Judge is my ‘snake’ gun. It works wonderfully for no legged and two legged snakes. I use .410 000 buck ammunition. It can also shoot 45LC, but the cost of 45LC is ridiculous and not necessary for the purposes that I use this weapon. This weapon is a nice to have when wandering the Arizona desert and the possibility of running into snakes (and again either the slithering or walking type) It is my main, loaded 24/7, weapon for home defense as well.

    #4. The Springfield Desert Micro-Compact P238. This shrunken ‘1911’ is a great weapon for concealed carry as a main or backup weapon. This is good for those times when I have to put on clean socks and underwear before getting dressed to take the wife to a ‘nice place’ for the evening out..

    [​IMG]EDC_HGuns03 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    [​IMG]EDC_HGuns02 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    #5. All of my holsters, with the exception of the P238 (leg holster), as well as my belt attachment, use the Blackhawk SERPA Quick Disconnect Kit. Now I still have to do the getting dressed drill at the range as I switch out magazine pouches on my belt, but for just going to do some target practice without worrying about reload drills I really like this setup. It also allows me to switch weapons when I leave/get home, as the The Judge is my primary weapon in the house.

    * Optional: I do not always carry extra magazines on my belt. Depending on my choice of carry my extra magazine may not be visible to the average person walking around a store.
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    Never have carried a pistol ever day, wear a holster on my belt for my Fluke multimeter and use it every day at work. Have military electrician knife and p38 that I have carried for over 60 years as well as a large bandana type hand kerchief, large enough to use as face mask, head covering, etc. Am hooked on good leatherman type tool, knife, screw drivers, has small sockets and screwdriver bits. Hard to easily carry, but so handy. Use cell phone as storage, take reference photos, to blow up pictures, to make list of parts to order, to reference parts, to inventory parts, etc. For every day I guess the hardest thing I would have to give up is my phone, although I don't talk 10 minutes a day on it, but I have came to almost depend on it to organize and store the data I need to use as a mechanic fixing power tools or working in my greenhouse.
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    i have never found a reason to carry every day... Living out where we do, carrying isn’t required most of the time, unless there is an imminent Threat, like an unruley Bear, or Rogue Moose known to be in the area. When we travel down in the FlatLands, that is a very different enviorment, and Carry is manditory... My Belgian Browning HiPower, lives in a shoulder Rig, is fully loaded and in it’s case under the Drink Cooler, behind the Passenger Seat in our 2006 White Toyota 4X4 Pickup Truck... Not readily available to passengers, but close enough to be brought into play, if the situation requires. We keep the Winchster Stainless 1300 Shotty on pegs above the Front Door Jam... #9 LowBase in the pipe, and Slugs and 00 Buck alternating thru the Tube Magazine. Certainly enough firepower to deal with anything living in North America, inside 50 Yds... The custom DMPS AR10 w/24” Stainless Bull Barrel handles any threats from 50 To 1000 Yds... AlaskaChick keeps her Dam Wesson and two SpeedLoaders on top of the Fridge, in the kitchen... and her 30M1 Carbine sits on pegs above the window sache,of the front widow in the Cabin... My Browning lives in the Shoulder Rig, on a hook in my Office/Radioroom...
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    If you want to throw those handguns out, I'll give you my address so you can ship them.
  9. arleigh

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    Not fair I was going to ask that.
  10. Grandpa Patch

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    EDC Belt Pouch and Pockets: The items from my pockets and belt. I did not add the cigarettes and Bic lighter that I carry in my T-shirt pocket and I did not add my Leatherman Surge that is carried in the original Leatherman pouch at the 4 o’clock position. It is far enough back to not hinder access to my weapon if it is ever needed. I did not add it as it is an occasional carry item and only carried when I know that I will doing something that day that may require tools. Such as going to the range, helping a friend move or just wandering in the desert. The reason for two Leatherman tools is those times where you need to get a grip on both the bolt head and the nut being tightened.

    The pouch itself is carried at the 8 o’clock position with my key lanyard just in front (almost 9 o’clock position). It is a MOLLE pouch and can easily be removed if needed.

    [​IMG]EDC_Pouch02 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    [​IMG]EDC_BPouch01 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    The contents of the pouch fit easily into the back zippered pocket of the pouch leaving the front zippered pouch open for my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Otterbox cover) or other items if needed in the future. The green GOOD LUCK coin holder I use for safety pins and place to store small items as need. Notepad (disposable list of stuff to do or pick up from the store), All Weather Notepad (for the more important items), Rite In The Rain mechanical pencil, eyeglass cleaning wipes, eyeglass repair kit, my original Leatherman Super Tool, a strike stick, mini flashlight and a cloth measuring tape wrapped in rubber bands.

    [​IMG]EDC_Pouch01 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    Attached to the pouch with paracord is a small roll of Duck Tape. I have ended up really wishing I had a roll of duct tape with me so many times in my life that I finally gave in to “Murphy’s Law” and started carrying a little roll. I haven’t had to use it yet...Thank Murphy! I just roll the duct tape from the original roll right onto my new ‘roll’.

    [​IMG]EDC_DTape01 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    [​IMG]EDC_DTape02 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr

    Attached to my keys/key holder are a few One Piece Multi-Tools (OPMT). Going back ‘a few years’ the only OPMT I ever carried was a P-38. Now there are all kinds of ‘gizmos’ out there. I am still in the collecting process for a lot of these. Not because I am going to weigh myself down with a 10 lbs. stack of OPMTs’, but I find them interesting a will collect quite a few, I am sure, just to say I have them.

    [​IMG]EDC_OPMT01 by Grandpa Patch, on Flickr
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  11. Motomom34

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    I have see these key ring tools. Very slim but they seem sturdy. I have wanted to purchase one but was never sure if they were a waste of money. Have you ever used them or just collect them? I would like to know if they are a reliable tool to have.
  12. Grandpa Patch

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    I have used the 'pry bar' tool end. It is nice for what it is, but will not replace a good claw hammer. The bottle openers do that just fine. The 'wrenches' are o.k. for small light duty tasks. The top OPMT in the picture is a 1/4" drive size (where I have the key ring going through). That is nice if you also carry a bit driver kit, but most bit driver kits already come with a 1/4" driver in some variation of screwdriver or ratchet type handle.
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  13. AndyinEverson

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    When I do carry a handgun as a EDC / Concealed carry its my Series '70 Colt in .45acp.
    I can not carry at school , so when at work in the classroom its usually one of the three knives below....
    Learning what other folks carry and just how they use those items is important...One can at times figure out if a item that you are interested in , can work for thread , thanks for posting.

  14. Zimmy

    Zimmy Wait, I'm not ready!

    Let's see...

    Bandanna for sweat or sneezing but never both.
    Personal keys
    Clip on shades for my eyeglasses
    Wiha Tweaker
    Work keys
    Pocketknife currently a Benchmade barrage
    Pelican 2360 flashlight
    Black diamond headlamp
    Pilot blue pen
    Pager for that '80s style
    Work badge and creds
    Earphones so I can actually hear the phone around equipment
    Cheap bic lighter
    Sidearm (a pocket carried S&W revolver recently)
    Small blue roller bottle of a snake oil I make up for aches and pains.
    Gerber multitool or Leatherman crunch depending upon the day's tasks.
    Motorola Z2 force cell phone.
    11-N-1 screwdriver.
    Wallet with minimum $200 cash.

    That's my normal work EDC and since I am usually at work, my standard EDC. Thank God for cargo pants.
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  15. Grandpa Patch

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    I wear Propper cargo pants everyday and the price is better than Levi's or Wrangler's.
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  16. Brokor

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    Those are exactly what I wear every day. :)
    They come in standard and heavy weight canvas. I wear the heavies in the winter and standard rip stop in the summer. Best pants I've ever worn, no kidding.

    Aside from a small flashlight, a pocket knife, and a small lock pick set, I usually don't have many items I EDC beyond the norm. I rarely travel far from home.
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  17. Zimmy

    Zimmy Wait, I'm not ready!

    Propper here as well. The company buys Red Hat or Dickies but I just throw them in my stock and keep the Navy Proppers
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