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    I have been hearing about this for over 15 years but not taken off yet.

    @HK_User posted this a while back and they are starting to use it in medicine
    Will this be part of your next Cardiac Repair Plan?

    Anyone else seen anything they are using this with?
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    Never heard of it. A wearable circuit board ? Sounds like espionage is going to move up a slot . It's going to be interesting to see what all they can do with it .
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    If they can get the water filtration in the inexpensive range it will solve many (if not all) of the most pressing environmental issues we have. Right now the filtration exists, but manufacturing this at any significant level is too pricey. Imagine if boats didn't need to carry water with them. There are inexpensive desalinators (sp?), but boats always have to have freshwater tanks. Imagine the fuel savings alone if ships no longer had to carry that stuff. Imagine if we could move an iceberg into the Sahara and create a freshwater repository. Imagine if we could clean out the Salton Sea. We have a local lake that people aren't supposed to swim in because the old septic tanks nearby have leaked into the basin and poisoned the water. Imagine if we could not only clean that out, but do some effective filter to divert the water from urine into the lake while diverting the feces into a composting facility and chemically treat the poisons. And I don't even have the knowledge base to talk about how this could change medicine. The uses for graphene are amazing and endless, but can we do this? We'll see.
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    Extremely costly to manufacture.
    Doesn't look hopeful.
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    I remember looking at e-Ink in the 90's and really not much happened with it for years then Amazon released its Kindle in 2011. Here is a technology that, even years later, still has only scratched the surface of potential. It takes time because a new technology is a costly technology and even after the costs come down, with time and competition, the cost is the driving factor if and when it is used to replace other technology. What I am saying is if no one can afford then why produced it.

    However, I think we will see a lot of action in Graphene in the next 10 years especially concerning its strength to weight ratio. I remember reading an article 10+ years ago comparing its strength to steel, no comparison, so imagine a vest that is bullet proof yet weighs and has the same flexibility as a T-shirt...

    I don't invest anymore but going into this is very tempting but you would have to be willing to wait, tie up the money, for maybe 10 years or just don't know for how long and that is the gamble but, yes, I think it is coming... Then, of course, the question is does one invest in the producers of Graphene or the producers of devices using Graphene...?
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    some great comments. I was thinking something similar as this has been out more than 10 years and nothing has happened.
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    Just a step above the Nano Technologies and a few steps below Carbon Fiber world, said only as an amateur observer.

    Nylon started like this back in 1930. As a school boy I once viewed a display of it in action, being made, at the State Fair of Texas.

    For all the complainers of big business they need to understand that research and development is a long drawn out process.

    A few years back,. on the north side of Charleston, I saw the H. L. Hunley in her bath of protective liquids.
    H. L. Hunley (submarine) - Wikipedia

    From riveted boiler hull to the latest Submarine took over a hundred years!
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    Also sometimes you find when working in R&D that it is either not possible or not practical to scale up production of new materials. Sometimes the development of the commercial production process is more difficult than inventing the new material in the first place. Been there, done that.
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