grassroots effort to ban "celebratory gunfire"

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    This subject has been quite the rage here in the Atlanta metro area.

    Here's how it worked:

    The "news" team posted a message on Face3ook asking if anyone "heard" any celebratory gunfire on New Year's Eve. If so, a reporter wanted to speak with them and they may get on the news.

    Getting on the news . . . this is 2nd right behind getting on American Idol to about 80% of the population of Atlanta. That's the carrot.

    So, what you have is a "news" company creating news that just adds fuel to the fire of the current anti-gun craziness. Why is this news NOW. I guess there was no celebratory gunfire in past years eh? :rolleyes: Anyone who lives in the south knows better. With that said, any responsible gun owner will tell you that firing into the air is a "no-no." It is taught from an early age.

    Residents want an end to celebratory gunfire |

    Best interview:
    Jennifer Hipp said she spent part of her New Year's Eve in her husband's bulletproof gear.

    Isn't having "bullet-proof" gear one of the signs of a domestic terrorist??
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    I have to agree that indiscriminate gunfire is irresponsible. (If they legalize fireworks, well, it might help.)
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    I'm starting a new program in these area's..I shall call it ''Entitlement Firework's''...
    If your of legal age to vote Democrat..Free firework's for you Pad-Naa !!!
    Only trying to help...
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