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    Anyone skilled at hunting down lost graves?
    Local PD is celebrating their 125th anniversary and would like help locating the grave of Philip Goebel who was shot and killed in the line of duty on Dec. 30, 1902

    I'm pretty skilled at hunting the living but I've never attempted to locate a deceased person.
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    I would suggest calling in a qualified mantracker from a local search and rescue. Trackers have a good eye for land discrepancy. If it is a qualified tracker, then they are trained in grave identification.

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    Good luck with your searching

    Possibly find out what religion he was, check the church records at around the time he died...they may indicate where he was interred (at least which cemetary). Grave records if they exist for cemetaries close to the township that he lived in when he died. Perhaps see if there is a local geneological society: They may have some clues or suggestions.

    Researching death notices and funeral notices in the archive of local papers published at around about that time his death, if such documents / sources still exist.
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    Like hit all the cemeteries that were known to exist in the area at the time of his death? That would probably be a decade long project unless it were able to be narrowed down to a known religion.
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    Remind me to never piss off Tulianr .he can find ya even when your dead
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    There are all sorts of hidden talents in monkeyland. Way to go, Tul!!
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    A retired Intelligence Analyst has to do something to keep busy. From hunting terrorists to hunting dead people - it may not be as exciting, but it is at least easier. Dead people rarely change their locations, and they never encrypt their communications.
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    Was wondering that myself when I saw that the feller who uploaded that one has added 93,000 of em to that site.
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    It's part of genealogy. I'm into genealogy myself. People volunteer to go out and map their local cemeteries and post the information and photos. It all goes into a large database that is useful to anyone researching family members in that area. It's a "paying it forward" concept. You may not know the individual that you benefit, but someone else may help you out sometime.
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    PHILLIP GOBEL E.O.W. December 30, 1902
    On June 6, 1900, Patrolman Gobel responded to an attempted armed robbery of a local druggist. Officer Gobel and Officer Mike Sullivan went to the north yard of the CH&D Railroad near its junction with Vine Street. They came upon the three subjects who had attempted the robbery, and an exchange of gunfire occurred. Shortly thereafter, Officer Gobel discovered that he had been shot, with the bullet entering the left side of his back, passing through the kidneys and going out the right side. One of the suspects was killed at that time and later identified as Theodore Monnion. The other two suspects were later identified as Louis Beckman and August Monnion (the deceased’s brother), who were brought back and tried for the attempted robbery. They were sentenced to four years at the Ohio Penitentiary. Officer Gobel was not believed to be seriously injured at the time and recovered shortly thereafter. On December 30, 1902, Officer Gobel expired due to kidney problems, which was stated to be related to the above offense. Officer Gobel was 42 years old at the time of his death.

    Ohio F.O.P. Lodge #21 » Police Memorial Bios
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