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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong area. I am asking for a review, not providing one...

    So I am in the market for a bug in gravity feed water filtration system. I read that Big Berkey is a good choice. However after reading reviews they seem to have a lot of bugs. The spigot is Dollar store quality and leaks like a sieve being one and the more important one is that the filters are good for about a month (even though they are rated for much longer) and then the water starts tasting stale and smelling like the ocean.
    Has anyone dealt with these Big Berkey issues? Is it the best choice despite the problems? Are there other good choices?
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    I am only speaking from what i have been told and some models come with some sort of ceramic filter system that can be cleaned ...

    I know i have seen of this site somewhere there is already some bug huge thread about it ...
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    As one who actually LIVEs out in the Alaskan Bush, I find it more convenient, to access the Quality of the water, that I am using as a Source, before deciding what Water Filtration System, to install. Most of our water comes from Roof Catchments, and in all the quality Sample Testing, I have done, over the Years, shows very little, if anything, really needs to be done, to bring it to Municipal Water System Quality Standards. My system, Pre-filters at 10 Microns, and Primary Filters at 2 Microns, then it goes thru a Charcoal Activated Filter, for Organics, and finally thru a UV IrRadiation Tank, before heading into the Cabin. This is way overkill for the Quality of Water, of our supply, but has worked for us, for 3 decades without issue. We change out the Filters, every 6 Months. .... YMMV.....
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    The choice of filter is going to best be determined by the source and what is IN the source..

    Like BT, my water is fine, other than glacial silt. After that is out, I run it thru a Sawyer point zero two to take out all the bugs.

    This would be worthless someplace with sulfur or iron in the water, for that you need at least a carbon block filter...

    Check with your local water board for what is needed, THEN see what filter would be best for your exact conditions.
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    Have not had any taste or leak issues with our Big Berkey...using the black filters.

    As always, YMMV :)
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    This one?
    Homemade Berkey Water Filter

    This may be of interest as well -
    Berkey water filter FAILURE - FYI - Survivalist Forum Deals with failed filter made by Berkey.
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    Take a look at the cost of replacement filter cartridges and how often they recommend replacement. OUCH!

    FWIW, I have a Katadyn Gravidyn that I'm real happy with.

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    I bought a berkey light,partly because of cost,and I wanted to watch it work.About 6 weeks after I got it set up I noticed the filters were running a steady stream and I could taste chlorine.I switched out the filters and got them replaced.The second set failed after a few weeks so I put in the replacements..they also failed after a few weeks.6 filters,100% failure rate.I will never buy another berkey product.I'm waiting for a chance to buy some Doulton filters,I've never found any bad reviews about them.
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