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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by scrapman21009, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. scrapman21009

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    ok, the biggest use of water in my house appers to be the toilet. I will be building a gray water / rain water collection system for flushing and thought you all might want some pic's and details incase anyone else wanted to do this also. The main idea is as follows:

    6 - 55 gallon drums to collect rain water and washer water
    1 constant pressure pump, 12 volt rv style
    1 deep cycle rv batt with solar charger

    so you get the idea soapy water from washer piped into drums, all drums connected rainwater is piped in also on a float to divert when full as I would not want the rain to go down the overflow. The plumbing I have with no prob, my question is do you think one of those float type chargers from Tractor Supply would have enough to do what I need?

    Pics to follow and as always, feel free to pick apart my idea and let me know what I may have missed.
  2. TheEconomist

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    very nice! caught a piece on this on HGTV a little bit ago. Seems like a nice way to help maximize water usage.
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    Using gray water to further your resources is not a new idea by any means. It is not real common due to the lack of systems that will be efficient enough for day to day life. There have been a few that I have seen that are quite impressive but, for the most part the systems are in use at hunting camps or extremely environmentally friendly communities.
    I look forward to seeing pics of your system.

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    My greywater system is a 10.gallon tank that holds the kitchen sink waste water to flush the toliet and the other water from the shower and washer goes though a filtering system of layered sand and peagravel that is layed in 4.inchs deep of peagravel to 6.inchs deep of fine grain sand in a 10.ft deep hole that allows the grey water to be filter before going back into the earth
  5. hank2222

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    Also make sure you dump a little bit of grey water tank flesher or what ever it call to keep the socalled smell down in the tank
  6. -06

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    We live in the country with two wells. Our toilets are the only water going into the septic tanks. All the other is currently drained off. We will be re routing it to the raised beds/orchard/vineyard soon. Putting in a cabin this fall that will be off grid completely.
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    Be aware that once you introduce grey water into the toilet tanks, those tanks are no longer potable water. I think that there are some monkeys that currently depend on that as a source for (if not coffee, then) washups.
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