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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Clyde, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Nice, saved for later re-reading and review.
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    I read that, yesterday, and did a bit of research.... and I am going to eMail the author, and get his take, but it looks to "Me" like the Motorola i355/i750 will do "Tethering", and I wonder if it can do that Off-Network? Also these run in the 900 Mhz ISM Band, and a BIG Chunk of that band, is co-located with the 902-928 Mhz Ham Band, which has Secondary Status, where the ISM as unlicensed, have no Status as far as interference, and usage. If the Spread Spectrum emission is legal to use by Hams on that band, (I am checking with my sources at FCC HQ) then the Power levels of one of these could be boosted by an external Amplifier and Antenna, say to the 30 Watt Level, and if Tethering worked, or could be added by a firmware hack, could be used for a VERY Secure IP Based Encrypted Voice and Data Link for small community. All very interesting ideas, especially for the stated $20US/per unit eBay Price.....
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    Bump this to the top again as well..... We have been testing these SECURE Phones now for while, and all the latest data is in the my SECURE Comms Blog that is referenced in the Advanced Comms subForum: If you have interest in that area, read the Blog and then ask your questions. We have a number of Monkeys, that are actively testing and using these Units in the field. come join in the fun if you have an interest.
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