Great Deal On 22 ammo,

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  1. Salted Weapon

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    Midway just posted this in my email.
    Shipping 12.99
    Total 52.98 wow what a steal.
  2. chimo

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    call me stuck in the past but asking 40 bucks for a brick of .22 is definitely stealing! I'm so glad I stacked so much of the stuff years ago, when the price was still sane.
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  3. Oltymer

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    I tried TB in all my .22's about 10 years ago and it leaded the barrel of 2 Marlin 75 semi autos with the squirrels on the stock, and my Taurus stainless revolver with 4" barrel also. It took hours of brushing to remove the lead buildup in all those barrels. I have an old Marlin 95, 10 shot, tube fed semi auto that loved the TB's though, no leading and functions flawlessly with them!?!?!?!?!? So I designated all the TB's to that carbine, and am still working on getting the bricks of TB I bought worked through this one gun, and since I do most my small game hunting with slingshots and bows, there will probably be some of these TB's left around here after I kick the bucket.
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  4. ghrit

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    Good place for that ad, jokes and diversions. I can't say I've had much experience with TBs other than an unconscionable number of misfires. There will be no more in the ammo box; too expensive at half the price.
  5. tacmotusn

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    one of my local gun shops had Winchester or federal 22lr 40 gr solids for $50 a brick or 2 bricks for $90 first come first served no limit
  6. VisuTrac

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    We have a LGS near me that has CCI minimags at 25.00 for a 100ct box. And yes, they are covered with dust.
    But I think the days of sub 4 cent 22lr is going. 8-10 cents per round seems to be the new normal.
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  7. AD1

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    Keep an eye on and set alerts for 22 or any other ammo you are looking for/

    I stocked up on several 10K worth of them over the last year and never paid more than 7cents per round. Most were 5-6 cents and no shipping at Bass Pro/Cabelas cuz I had them shipped to the store and I have both in PHX.
  8. Tully Mars

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    Another good one is I have been using this resource more and more for components .22LR, ect.

    GunBot 22lr rimfire ammo
  9. AD1

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    The good thing about is that it gives you email alerts so you know as soon as it hits the site which is why I like it and have been so successful in getting all the 22LR I need
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  10. Kingfish

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    Most of my bulk pack cheap stuff is Winchester Wildcat Which I paid 19.99 per 500 round brick. I have 10 bricks of those. I have a couple bricks of the Thunderbolts I am using up for practice pistol ammo. I paid the same for those. I also have 6 bricks of Federal 550 boxes. I paid less 6.99 per hundred for CCI mini mags and have several thousand of those as well. I have Stingers, Quiets, Velocitors, Shorts, in all over 20,000 .22 lr rounds.
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  11. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    A man after my own heart KF.
    Our stuff pretty much covers all the brands with a couple of 50 cal cans of nothing but Stingers.
    I've honestly quit counting the .22 ammo. I do know I have 5k in the RV alone.

    Our Ruger's don't have a problem with the T bolt ammo, and I haven't had any of the issues reported. No more misfires from them than I'd had from any other brand. Guess I've been lucky so far.
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