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    Since this area of the site relates to health I thought I'd post this message here. As most probably know in one month, on August 21st, there will be a total solar eclipse. I'm quite excited as I'll be traveling with my family from our home in southern Alberta to a small town in Idaho where we'll spend a few days. My grown kids are coming as well and we'll have a long overdue family holiday.

    I just wanted to pass along my encouragement to make sure you have proper eyewear so you can view the non-totality portion of the eclipse safely. The event will be the first US coast to coast eclipse in 99 years and every single one of my American neighbours will be able to see some portion of the sun partially covered. I just want to make sure you all do so safely. There are many sites on-line where you can buy proper glasses or you can go to a welding supplier and get some #14 glass, which filters enough of the light to keep you safe.
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    My kids are headed to Wyoming for a few days. They will be around Casper for the eclipse. I heard the remaining rooms at the Motel 8 in Casper were around $1800 a night, This is huge. I have a class that weekend so I will not be viewing from a good location. I know some people who rented a beach house in OR right on the path of the eclipse.

    What is considered proper eye wear for viewing this?
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    When we had a total eclipse in Okinawa roughly 30 years ago, we used 5 sets of welding goggles stacked together. Worked quite well...the image was quite dim, but still had good clarity. Using a shadow box is an alternative to indirectly view the partial eclipse, prior to and after the full event...but NEVER view it directly while unprotected.

    I must say, it was quite (stateside), I expect some crazies to get stupid.
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    Here is a great page from NASA that explains things: Safety | Total Solar Eclipse 2017

    I tried booking hotels in some major centers a year ago but they were sold out. I finally found a small mom and pop place in a small Idaho town in the northern part of the totality band. In this town totality will last 96 seconds. On the morning of the eclipse we are going to drive further south to the mid-point of the totality band and from there we'll get 137 seconds.
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    There is no such thing as safe eyewear for looking at the sun regardless of how much of the sun is obscured, possibly excepting welding goggles, and then ONLY if the proper density lens is selected. Your best bet is to beg, borrow, or steal a welder's hood with the darkest lens they have. First best viewing is by a pinhole using a shadow box. Put a few holes in the cover sheet of different sizes, project the image onto white paper, pick the largest image that isn't too bright and block the bigger ones. You should be able to see sunspots in the image that is not too bright. Remember, the image on the white paper is also capable of damaging your eyes nearly as quickly as looking at the sun without any protection at all.

    One advantage of a shadow box is that it can be viewed by multiple people at the same time, no need to pass the goggles around.
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    Rats. Gonna miss this one. I've seen two totals, and they are impressive.
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    This isn't correct Merkun. There are MANY reputable sites selling non-welding glass eyewear that is completely safe. The NASA page mentions the ISO standard that governs this and also mentions the five manufacturers that are producing product that meets the standard.

    I can't believe you are going to miss it! Are you not in the US? I've been reading some articles that quote some "experts" who state that that weekend will see the greatest movement of humans in history for a peaceful purpose. Supposedly every person in the mainland US is within a day's drive of the totality band. This will be my first but I'm already making plans to be in Illinois for the 2024 event.
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    Well, I'm not headed in the mood to travel for this one, PA is pretty far off the track of even partial coverage. Had I never seen one, it would surely be on my bucket list, but well --

    So far as optical density goes, there is certainly other glass dark enough to directly view the sun other than welding glass, including astronomical telescope filters. That said, welding glass is apt to be a bit more available. I managed to salvage some welding glass a number of years ago for the "right price" and have used it to good advantage twice. That said, using the shadow box was far more satisfying on the one that passed over Boston a whole lot of years ago. The whole office building dumped into the street. One of the draftsmen had cobbed up a shadow box out of a Xerox box. Worked beautifully for half a dozen folks to view the entire progression. One of the secretarial pool ginned up a couple smaller boxes out of (you guessed it) shoe boxes.

    One of the things to consider when using something to look directly at the sun other than darkness is most have side shields to avoid an accidental exposure from the side if you turn your head. That is one of the reasons I lean on welding gear.
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    Oh yes the Crazies are getting stupid and reserving camper lots on my farm for $300 for 24hours W/O Water, electric or bathrooms facilities and I am 30 miles N of prime viewing. Now that is CRAZY.
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    I am just a hair South of the Red Line on the North side where I drew my digital crayon X and arrow :)

    eclipse path.
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    WHA HOOO!!! I will be right dead center just north of Salem Or during the Eclipse!
    I got to experience the big eclipse back in the late 70s, My Dad was home on leave and took us out to the Mouth of the John Day to see the eclipse back then. It was pretty cool, and there were a ton of crazies even back then! I remember using a white bed sheet laid out on the ground and we were able to watch it that way while wearing out special National Geographic issued glasses!!! Still have my pair all these years later! I agree, welding goggles should work fine, and you can pick up a nice inexpensive pair at places like Harbor Freight Tools! If you really wanna get trick, use welding lenses made for welding aluminum, they will shield your eyes while allowing you to actually see the full effect of the sun during the full faze of the eclipse with out damaging your eyes!!!
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    You will want at least #9 shade electric arc welding glass. Not #4, #5 or #6 torch goggles.
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    Am I the only one that sees the futility in renting a Motel 8 room for $1800/night <----- key in on the night portion of what I just said it's a daytime event people, stay 300 miles away, drive there in the morning, park in the WalMart parking lot, and you save a bunch of money

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    Their Dad has decided it will be an event that will change your life. I will just pack snacks and wish safe travels. I have been brain storming on visual protection, shadow boxes etc..

    DIY Pinhole Projector to Safely Watch a Solar Eclipse Personally I think a pinhole projector would be boring but little children will enjoy it.
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    Well it is a pretty rare event...although there will be another major US one in 2024. All of my kids are coming, including my 4 year old. We'll have eclipse glasses for everyone.
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    Just wondering how big the protests will be in Nutlandia over Trump stealing the sun.
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    my son works at a walmart within a hundred miles of the path of totality. they're considering closing the parking lot for that day at least to campers.
    we're driving up there to the last hotel room in the state booked two months ago. I just hope traffic the morning of doesn't block us.
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    What are you bringing for eye wear?
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