Great Photo from Mud Lake CA

Discussion in 'Sadlak Industries' started by RightHand, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. RightHand

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    Back in late July, we had a new customer call in an order for an aluminum scope mount and he wanted the special limited production tungsten coated one. He was leaving for a camping/hunting trip to the mountain the following week. He asked that we send a second on consignment because he thought his camping buddy would want one as well which it turns out, he did. Our customer was so happy with the mount itself and it's perfect color match to his receiver that he rewarded us with a CD full of photo's which we received today. This is just one of them. I will try to get more of them up soon because they are great.

  2. melbo

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  3. E.L.

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    That looks really good.
  4. nugafonos

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    Scope looks a bit overkill/poor choice

    AND should have higher mount rings

    But that's just this "FNG's" opinion. [banghead]
  5. RightHand

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    The rings are medium high which allow use of the iron sights while the scope is attached.
  6. nugafonos

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    How so? Is the scope offset from the bore axis and do you sight thru the irons under the mount (that's what it looks like in the picture)?
  7. RightHand

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    U-Channel in the Picatinny rail allows iron site use. The apparent offset is just an illusion. I was holding the receiver in one hand with the camera in the other but my arms aren't long enough to get a straight on photo

  8. Tango3

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    :Duh.. that's "MR".308 to you... (1,ooo yard cartridge;
    IMHO that scope on an AR or AK would be a waste..)...:D:D
  9. nugafonos

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    Sorry Tango3, don't understand your post.
  10. Tango3

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    Simple: You stated the scope was "overkill", I replied it's a 4-12x at least 3-9x powerered scope on a rifle which uses the 7.62x51!(.308) round; a military cartridge proven effective to 1,000 yards. Putting that large a scope on an Ak orAR variant effective at 400 yards or so would be overkill (In my not so humble opinion.)
    But fuhgeddaboutit...
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