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    wasn't sure if I wanted to crosspost into financial sense or not. but I'll put it here.

    Here's public sector employment (red line) vs. private sector employment (blue line) since the beginning of 2009.
    THE CHART: Public Sector Vs. Private Sector Employment - Business Insider
    to that let's add to the government workforce those getting unemployment 12.3 million or 12,300 thousand.(source Employment Situation Summary )

    for shytes and giggles let add those on disability 8.95 Million or 8,950 thousand. (source Monthly Statistical Snapshot, September 2012)

    So there we have our public vs. private workforces. 44+ million being paid by the government to work, not to work or because they are out of work being supported by 107.0 million private hard working individuals.

    Yes simians, in really simple terms you are supporting 0.44 government paid (non)workers while also trying to support your family. Sound fair? Sound like government is right sized? Think it's going to end?

    So could the US impose austerity measures and force pay cuts. On nearly a third of the population they could over night. Across the board pay and benefit cuts. 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent to balance the budget and bring our fiscal house in order?

    What would happen if the private sector stumbles at the same time? less money in to cover the liabilities even though we reduced benefits. How about when Zero decided to use a carbon taxing scheme like they are in Australia and other countries across the globe, and use that money to reduce the debt?

    Are you pissed enough yet? Are you worried enough yet? Are you independent enough yet? Are you prepared enough yet?
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    I didn't include those on SS or receiving food stamps because SS may have been old age retirement (they will be effected if there is a cut but they also paid into this pyramid scheme for many years) Additionally i skipped ebt,food stamps because they may also be receiving unemployment. but by including any of the other groups, it just makes the total population on welfare (politician, DHS, crack moms, drunk dads, TSA, etc) that skim off of us hard workers even more unbearable.
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    Oh and as for zero adding private sector jobs? It looks like the blue line is even on both ends.
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