Greek Crisis Has Pharmacists Pleading for Aspirin as Drug Su

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jungatheart, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Coming to a country near and dear to us all!
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    A Mexican vacation or so I've heard.
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    Dear Lucky-Enough-to-live-in-the-Davis Mountains...

    I'm nearly at that stage, and I think maybe striking up a personal relationship with the local pharmacist is our best bet. Blood pressure and gout will be my bugaboos. A possible alternative might be to learn to brew your own adult beverages, and just not give a damn !

    My wife and I went diving at Balmorhea last summer... fantastic country !
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    Or Canada, eh!
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    We already have shortages in this country. My dad can't get his acid reflux meds because the pharmacy has been out. The pharmacy is a nationwide mail order through the railroad, not some small town pharmacy. I've seen on the news where cancer drugs and ADD drugs are in short supply. Best bets are to stockpile meds you need now. I also bought several books on plants with medicinal value. In the back of my head, I wonder sometimes if it's not a way to get rid of the "undesirable" and the "sick". I'm probably just being a little too acutely aware though. Drug companies have their own agenda, and if they can't make money, they could care less about your health.
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    Look closer

    Look closer at the story. There is no drug shortage, only a shortage of common drugs that sell AT THE PRICE THE GREEK GOV'T SETS.

    Key item in story
    "he reasons for the shortages are complex. One major cause is the Greek government, which sets prices for medicines. As part of an effort to cut its own costs, Greece has mandated lower drug prices in the past year. That has fed a secondary market, drug manufacturers contend, as wholesalers sell their shipments outside the country at higher prices than they can get within Greece.

    Strained government finances only make matters worse. Wholesalers and pharmacists say the system suffers from a lack of liquidity, as public insurers delay payments to pharmacies, which in turn can’t pay suppliers on time."

    Wow, Gov't intervention, really a good thing, eh?

    Won't happen here? Think again.

    Decades ago, the small town pharmacy in the 'burg my wife grew up in - closed. Why? you may ask.

    Too many welfare recipients getting drugs at the outlet - and the State was to pay all but a tiny copay.. The State took anywhere from 3 months TO A YEAR - to pay for the drugs. Can you say cash flow issues?

    The pharmacy then posted a NO WELFARE sign - and was visited by the troopers - seems that wasn't allowed - the poor fellow HAD to take the welfare types.
    So, he closed the pharmacy. Real win-win for everyone - who now got to drive over an hour to the pharmacy in the next town over.

    I would imagine the Druggist being late in his tax payments would be treated as a ...

    Bottom line -

    If you depend on Uncle Sugar paying for your drugs - it was nice knowing you.
    And if I were to guess, Part D subsidy will go away sometime in the next 5 years, or sooner - either as a political choice or because the Nation is flat broke.
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    Go to the doctor, get some pills, pills have side affects and make you sick so you go back to the doctor that made you sick in the first place,,,,,,,,,,what a racket.
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    I know how to brew my own but got too old to drink it.

    You are so right about the Davis Mountains. I'm happy as a pig in **** here. Balmorhea springs are so beautiful. Just go up the road a piece, take a left through some beautiful mountains and look around Fort Davis. I'll be in a white Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Everyone waves so you'll feel very welcome.

    By the way, brewing is great fun. When I quit drinking, I missed the brewing process more than I missed the beer and wine I made and they were very good indeed. As far as not giving a damn: I've been trying to learn how to do that for over 60 years and still can't get the hang of it.
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    I recently switched Primary Care to a new Dr. in town. When the doctor opened the door to come in to my room, I looked up at him greeted him with great excitement. I didn't recognize the name right off the bat, but I had gone to school with the good Dr. many years ago. We were both happy to see each other indeed; and now,after reading this thread, I know why God put our paths back together.
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    From what I found that is based on fact. Friend parents live in AZ and bring gifts when they visit. The gifts are cheap like ten dollars a dispenser bottle.
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    Yeah I've heard things like Zithromax Z-paks can be had by the suitcase full for what a single 6 pill Z-pak costs us here.
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