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Recipe Green Tomato Kraut

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Kathy in WV, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Kathy in WV

    Kathy in WV Just runnin' the ridges...

    I was taught that there is a time to pickle, related to the signs in the Almanac! That is always how I do it. I pickle foods when the signs are chest or above, meaning my first choice is "the head" or "Aries", followed by either the arms or chest etc... I likewise plant my garden by the signs too! It's up to you to do the same or not according to your beliefs! This for me is based on biblical beliefs that there is a "time" that is best for doing all things....

    Shred the amount of cabbage you want to pickle. Slice 1/4 that amount of green tomatoes and an equal amount of white onions. Layer in gallon or half gallon jars to top. Make a salt brine of 1 cup pickling salt to 1 gallon of water. Dissolve well then fill jars to top, using a couple of green tomato slices to wedge everything down so the brine covers all. Screw on a lid with band loosely so that your jars don't explode from the fermentation process!!! (While working, add more brine as necessary to keep kraut covered.)Sit jars on a tray out of the direct sun and let work until they stop bubbling.

    At that point you can tighten your lids and refrigerate or process them. Your grandparents probably made this and ate it like a pickle or a side dish with pinto beans and fried potatoes... mine did!

    This is the same type brine I use when making pickled beans or pickled corn too. This is the old-time salt brine that doesn't use vinegar, the kind the settlers used to preserve and pickle. When made right it will pucker you worse than a spoon of alum powder! lol Yum......
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