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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by chinmullet, Aug 16, 2014.

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    I've been lurking here for a while, but decided to register and say hi and thanks for all the things I've learned here.

    I don't take this as seriously as many of you do, but I do take it more seriously than most modern Americans.

    I don't have kids, so that eliminates a lot of issues right off the top. My wife and I are typical suburban upper middle class middle-aged softies. She does not participate in this with me. She's a good woman, but she refuses to think about the world crashing down around her. (Just as she refuses to think about meat not growing from meat seeds planted in styrofoam platters at the grocery store...)

    So I am building a little collection of food/water/medical/solar/security/etc goodies for us that we will hopefully never need. My goal is to live semi-comfortably in uncertain conditions for three to six months. I figure if civilized society doesn't reboot by then, then I am not really interested in living without modern creature comforts long term anyway. My preps reflect that. :)

    Thanks again to all for sharing your knowledge so generously. I'm not a complete noob at this, so maybe I'll find a nugget to share back once in a blue moon.
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    Welcome to the tree @chinmullet. We have a great group of talented and knowledgeable Monkeys here. I honestly feel that almost any question you may have can be answered by someone here. Enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions or share anything that you feel is important.
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    Welcome to the monkey tree...

    Chinmullet may be the coolest names
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    Welcome @@chinmullet to the Monkey Tree. This is our favorite forum. People don't flame each other here and behave kindly. It seems rare on many other forums we've seen. A good group of knowledgeable helpful folks. God Speed.
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    The pool of knowledge in the shade of the monkey tree, is both wide and deep. The swimmers are friendly, come on in.[sinking]
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    @chinmullet welcome. Interesting the way you described your wife,
    I ran into a lady yesterday who spent her life "keeping up with the Jones". Her life revolved around having what everyone else had and better. Yesterday she surprised me in mentioning society crashing, security and how scary it is getting. This lady is still far from prepping but I was amazed at the change and how her eyes were finally open. I really think times are changing.
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    @chinmullet I have lived in Tampa and all around it 3 decades past. I have one word to say about preps. WATER !!! without it you and yours have about 3 days. Are you on city water? Do you have a well? Will the government (city or county) permit you to legally put in your own well? What is the average water table (depth to first hit water) where your residence is? Do you have the ability to put in a stealth well if wells are not permitted? Feel out your closest neighbors to see what they plan to do if the power/water goes out. Ask if anyone in the neighborhood has a well. Will they share water? Okay, I am done. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum, and give you something to think about. Next time maybe I will ask about the NRA, security, etc. [alien][flag][gadsden] ps; I am up near Gainesville now
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