Gregg Hunter & Cliff High 10/28/16

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    Really interesting...and surprisingly, hopeful. I especially found the YouTube example (Naked Data set) he gave as very enlightening and very, very hopeful. But, as he said it all comes down to who counts the votes. Let's just hope he is right about his prediction. You know I meant to only watch a small portion to see what it was about but it was so interesting that I couldn't turn it off! LOL! Fascinating!

    EDIT: I watched 41 minutes of it. Very interesting guy. I am a reluctant to believe his prediction for silver and, frankly, I don't. I mean, at current value of $17 I am sure it will rise but his predictions about it turning into a highly strategic metal that is used in new power technology - well - I have a hard time seeing how he could predict this using his special data mining and algorithms routines. I am certain his routines would work for politics and a load of other stuff but cannot see how it would work to predict technology. Gold is a better conductor and I know many things use silver because gold is too valuable to use but to predict something like this is like saying he is a soothsayer with a crystal ball. But, an interesting guy...
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