Grizzly hunting

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    When out huntin' griz one time. Had my rifle and a coupla' samishes. Well, dis' bar came at me so quick that I dropped my rifle, cud' run faster without it. Barly had time ta' climb a tree. That thar bar put his paws up on thet tree and was a pushing an' a shoving on it. I was a looking down inta them thar' jaws, slobber flyin' ever'war', big ol' blud shot eyes a starin' up at me. He tried ta' dig da' tree up, dirt flew eva' whar'. Boy was I scart! Wal' afta' an' houraso he wandered off. I ain't da' sharpest knife in da' drawer , but I knowed he might be layin' fo' me so I just wen' a haid and et my sammies. Kinda late and I didnt wanna spen' da' nite in dat tree so afta' a cupla hours I started to climb down,,,,, I seen him a commin' on back ... so I clum back up that thar' tree, real fast like. I looked or' and by golly he had a beaver wit' him......

    Had a blonde tree hugger type say "Isn't it wonderfull how animals work together?"[smsh] snowbyrd
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