Combat Studies Group GroundRod Comes to the East Coast

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    GroundRod Primer course scheduled for 23-24 April in Pennsylvania. Email the host at: to reserve a seat (or you can email me by clicking the link at the top of the page)

    Cost: $300

    Need to bring: Laptop, 3 USB thumbdrives (4-8 GB), note taking material.


    GroundRod Primer is designed to address the fundamental concerns of journalists, concerned citizens, activists, whistle blowers, missionaries and liberty lovers in general, with regard to digital security. Whether hackers, governments, criminals or acts of espionage; our privacy is in serious jeopardy.

    You will learn to secure your devices and communications in the following ways:

    Properly employ symmetric and asymmetric encryption
    Create and safely store powerful passwords
    Guard against common criminal and state level intrusion techniques
    Recognize unsafe software you are using now and explore safe replacements
    Surf the web anonymously
    Explore the deep web
    Transfer files safely
    Communicate securely and privately
    Understand and deal with malicious firmware

    GroundRod Primer is meant to take the uncertainty and guesswork out of digital security, give you a fundamental base of knowledge to grow from and get you up and running with the highest levels of security available TODAY.

    Follow on courses will delve deeper into these subjects and address escape and evasion techniques and other tradecraft.

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