Group Buy--April 08 MH 3-case Variety Pkgs

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    We just got the unofficial word (announcement to be made in May) ... Oregon Freeze Dry will again be raising Mountain House food prices this summer. No surprise, since of course all food prices are skyrocketing, to include their own supplier prices. So consider that in your emergency food planning.

    Our Famous, Special 3-Case MH Variety Packages Are Back for April!

    We're launching another one of our ever-popular Safecastle, Mountain House group buys ... this time on TWO brand new 18-can, 18-variety packages. Choose either one or both and get the widest variety of top-quality emergency storage foods available, at the lowest possible legal price.

    You can't get these anywhere else. We put them together ourselves, and this time, we're offering two totally different packages.

    Both packages cost buyers club members only $413.60, with FREE shipping to the lower 48. (Members--be sure to log-in before adding anything to your shopping cart to have your discounts applied. Email me if you need your log-in info.)

    To join the club, it's just a one-time $19 fee.

    This group buy will run through April. if you take your time, the latest we expect customers to take delivery of their orders will be early to mid-June.

    Note that, for early birds, we will submit a bulk order for the foods as soon as we have an adequate quantity of orders and will ship out those earliest orders a few weeks sooner.

    Check out all the details on this unique limited-time opportunity in our new store:
    Three-Case MH Packages

    Whether you buy-in on these special three-case deals ... or you opt for some of our other excellent packages ... or you decide to custom-build your own order from our MH listings ... do please consider acting soon before we are again forced to increase our prices.

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    Thanks JC I wilol get my order out.[beer]
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