Growing apple trees, lessons learned so far

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by oil pan 4, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Last time I planted apple trees I was living in maine. A pretty good climate to grow apple trees. Plenty of rain, good soil over most of the state, sun not too intense, wind not too bad over most of the state. Just stick them in the dirt and they are good to go.

    New Mexico it's a lot different. I didn't realize how much water these things need until this time around. Depending on how hot it is I am watering them with 3 to 5 gallons of water per tree just about every other day if not daily.
    So I'm definitely going to need a reliable well pump setup and a backup, with out water trees planted that year could be dead in less than 5 days.
    Once the trees get rooted in they shouldn't need nearly as much hose water. I'm thinking once or twice a week at most, no hose water if it rains.

    The wind is another problem. The wind beats up and tears up the leaves.
    All I can do for that is plant next to some kind of wind break, such as another tree or fence.

    Then there is the sun. It's so hot here some of the leaves are scorching. If I keep the trees well watered it's not as much of a problem. Not sure how to fix the sun problem other than water, water, water.
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    Shade cloth needed till established root system .
    The tree will move ground water up and back down to cool the tree .
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    I was trying not to rig up shade cloth but that's what it looks like it's come to.
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    Anyone who thinks that they can just stick seeds in the ground and start growing food post-shtf, well you gona die.

    Baby steps. First find something that isn't killed by the sun, hot daily temperatures, wind and 10% humidity.
    Then find something that bears ripe fruit early then find a late season tree whos apples store well. Hopefully.
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    @duane that is so true.

    I am working on growing indoors and I am killing plants right and left
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    I can kill Basil, just by looking at it... here we have wind and soil (or lack of it) issues. Most everything I plant is in a raised bed. Neighbor has apple trees. Bear tore it down the first year it bore fruit.
  8. oil pan 4

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    We don't have bears round here.
    The only thing that would tear up an apple tree bad enough to kill them would be retarded goats or hungry horses.
    I don't even think we have turkeys, they tear up apple trees pretty bad, was a problem in maine.
  9. Cruisin Sloth

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    Neighbour was late in picking it & neighbour had a scant dropping (BEAR SHIT ) so when the fruit was semi done the bear could tell ..
    They mark the area with Bear shit.

    I live in Bear country & have 3 around that I know as with wolves . Plums are the worst , if the plums get over ripe & no one picks them , there booze to critters & then the fun starts , Bears attack as with dogs & wolves .. They normally don't get aggressive , but the Booze fruit will get you killed .
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